Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter (Walton Park) Facilities

(updated: December 31, 2022)

Member and Guest Use of Walton Park

Walton Park boasts a large stocked pond, firearms ranges, joint-use archery ranges, hiking trails, wooded picnic areas, large open grounds, playground areas, approved camping, (NEW) a fence-enclosed apiary (bee hives) with an adjacent honey processing facility, 2 pavilions, tool and equipment sheds and a meeting house. All these features are for use by members, their guests and by authorization from a Chapter official only.

The land is host to all kinds of flora and fauna.  An educational guide was created by the daughter of a member as a girl scout project.  She created an innovative and informative guide that can be used by anyone that is proficient with the use of a QR scan code reader from an application on your smart device.

View the varied features of Walton Park here

*NOTE* - You are required to have your Membership ID on your person while on Chapter property and at Chapter events at ALL TIMES! After March 31, 2014, anyone using the firearms ranges must display a Shooter's Photo Identification card.  Effective April 18, 2014 all Chapter members bringing any guest other than an immediate family member onto the property to use the chapter ranges must sign in at the gate house per order of our insurance carrier (see additional information about registering guests below).

EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROCEDURE: There is NO Commercial TELEPHONE on site! Please bring your cell phone for personal calls! But be advised that some cell phones (providers) will not receive a very strong signal.  There is a phone inside a green protective enclosure to the right of the Clubhouse entrance door and a similar phone is located on the tool and equipment shed wall nearer to range 1.  These phones should be used for Emergency calls to 911.  An emergency procedure can be found in the Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Range Rules and, for your convenience, as a part of the latest version of the range user's pocket guide.

CAUTION:   The speed limit on the internal roadways of the facility is posted at 10 MPH.  Excessive speed is prohibited and will be grounds for disciplinary action.

CAUTION:   There are HoneyBee Hives on the grounds at the fence-enclosed area on the west side of  Walton Pond . Those who are allergic to honey bee venom from stings need to avoid the area of our grounds near the enclosed bee hive area.  Stay at least 20 feet from the perimeter of the fence-enclosed area where the hives are located.   

Porta-Potties are provided for general use at various places on the grounds. There are NO inside restrooms available except for official meetings, work day activities and other special events.       

Members Must Register Their Guests Before Using Ranges (February 6, 2022)

The Board of Directors of the Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter of the Izaak Walton League requires that any Chapter member bringing any guest(s) onto the property to use the Chapter ranges must sign the guest(s) in at the "gate house." This requirement has resulted from an order of our insurance carrier. Guests include any non-member other than a close family member (that is, a  spouse or child under the age of 18 (see chapter bylaws in the Membership Login page) ) living in the household; any other relative or friend would be a guest. This requirement relates to medical and liability insurance coverage in case a guest is injured while at the Chapter Grounds; those close relatives in your household are likely covered by your liability and medical policies whereas those outside of your household are not.

The sign-in register for this purpose can be found at the green painted "gate house" (adjacent to the left side of the road after passing through the gate area). You may enter the grounds with your vehicle to access to the gate house. See gate entry procedure directly below.

As always, the guests are responsible for following all Chapter rules that apply to the member and the member remains responsible for any actions of the permitted guests while on the property.

Electronic Gate Entry System

The Chapter has a modern embedded chip sensor system to command open the security gate to the facilities mechanically. The sensor for entry from Herndon Road is on the brick pillar on the driver side of the car.  If you carefully approach the pillar you are able to use the embedded chip in your plastic membership card to signal the sensor to open the gate from inside your vehicle.  The sensor does not need to be physically touched with the card but you need to hold the card within 6 inches or so to be sensed. The procedure to leave is similar.  Please remain in position at the pillar and allow the gates to fully open before proceeding to drive through the gate area.  You have 45 seconds to transit the gate area into or out of the Chapter. The keypads on the 6X6 vertical timber on the right side of the entry road as you enter the chapter grounds from the highway remains in order to allow emergency vehicles and Rappahannock Electric Corporation and other services to enter the property. No member needs to use the keypads any longer.  Remember, you are allowed 45 seconds to get past the now open arm of the gate before it automatically closes.. Be sure to pull far enough past the entry area to make certain that the gate does not strike your vehicle as it closes. To depart when the gate is closed you pass your membership card in front of the sensor at the brick pillar on the driver side side as you leave.  Again, make sure your vehicle is clear of the swinging gate by not lingering too close to the gate exit area after fully opening.

Use of Chapter Facilities (grounds, pavilion, activity center or chapterhouse)

When requesting the use of any chapter facility (grounds, pavilion, chapterhouse or activity center) for scout use, a birthday party, a family get together, church groups or whomever, you MUST book the day and time with the event coordinator, the chapter president. Booked dates take PRIORITY over any use of facilities not formally booked.  Use for ANY organized event MUST be booked. Large events MUST be approved by the chapter board of directors for recommendation to the Membership for park closure for Private Event use!

Any use of the facilities must abide by the house and ground rules.  View/download the House and Ground Rules

Organizations requesting a booking on the schedule for use of the facilities must read and sign the premises use agreement.  View, download and execute the Premises Use Agreement with the chapter event Coordinator, Herbert Pritchett, in order to obtain advanced approval for use of the Chapter for your event.  A minimum of 45 days is advised in order to process the approval including review by the Board which meets once per month. Sometime during the days before the actual event contact the Chapter to obtain a group pass in order to properly open the gates for entry and exit by the authorized members of the group.

Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Range Use

The Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Range Rules govern all use of the Firearms Ranges by IWLA Chapter members and their guests. Read and heed. The Chapter has a team  of range safety officers (see the attached list in the range rules) that volunteer time to monitor for the safe use of the ranges, to enforce rules, and to assist members with interpretation of the rules.  When the ranges are not monitored it is incumbent on each member to self regulate their use of the ranges and abide by the rules.  Click here for a list of RSO volunteers.  Also for your benefit is a range user's pocket guide for download and printing. Please carry it with you (hint: fold and place with your Shooter's ID badge and review periodically. You will always have it when shooting!).  Here is a booklet form of the range rules that can be printed and folded to create a document that can be placed in your range bag for easy and quick reference.

High Definition Camera Surveillance

As part of the Chapter's security program, high definition video camera surveillance is employed to monitor selected portions of the Chapter. Two pan, tilt and zoom cameras survey the grounds from two locations.  One location near the archery range road surveys the back lot of the grounds including range 4 and one on a pole in the parking lot surveys the entry gate and front lot.  In addition, there is a fixed focus camera installed at ranges 1, 2, and 3 to monitor each firing line.

Atlas Clay Pigeon Thrower (Shotgun Range) (changed June 30, 2020)

The Raven Clay Pigeon thrower installed on May 21, 2015 has been replaced once again by an improved model.  Detailed description and instructions on its use are provided in the Atlas thrower operator's manual.  Members must receive a training session on the proper set up, use and stowage of the thrower in order to obtain the combination to the lock to open the stowage box housing the new thrower.  Training sessions can be arranged on monthly workdays at around 10:30 am to noon.  Simplified instructions for the Atlas target thrower must be followed to prevent serious personal injury and to prevent damage to the thrower. Please print a copy and bring it with you when you use the new thrower.

Scheduled use of Facilities by Scouts

On occasion both the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts will use the Park Facilities for their activities. Please consult the Chapter Calendar to determine when the Scouts will be present. Activities include camping and ceremonies such as the Order of the Arrow, etc.

View pictures of Scouts camping at Walton Park here

Facilities are Limited Use during Chapter Work Days

As a rule Work Days are held on the Saturday following the Regular monthly Chapter Membership Meeting. Work days START no earlier than 7:30 AM and might run until 3 PM.

Note: For safety reasons, the park is CLOSED to other activities during the Work Day period. This closure includes the Firearm Ranges. There will be a posted sign indicating that the park is closed.

View previous Work Day pictures here

Special Note in Harmony of Grounds Use

Please remember, while at the Walton Park, when other groups are there as well, ALL Scouts stay to the LEFT of our Driveway (Unless approved for a Range Event), AND ALL Members, including those wanting to use the Ranges, stay to the RIGHT of our Driveway.

Designated Chapter Campfire RULE

Campfire use is allowed at the designated campfire area (large circle of landscaping blocks) or the Bar-B-Que Pit ONLY!!  Any campfire use MUST RECEIVE PRIOR APPROVAL from the Chapter Board and must conform to Spotsylvania Fire Code Laws and the County Fire Marshall. This Rule takes precedence over ANY other Campfire Rule written or stated.

Use of Drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)) on and over Chapter Property

Drones may be used at the grounds but are restricted to flying in the main open areas.  Drones shall not be flown near the high voltage power lines traversing the property, the ranges, or the bee enclosure.  Also be considerate and do not fly any aerial vehicle near people or parked vehicles if these do not belong to your family.  Fly over the pond only with lots of skill and confidence and at your own risk for loss.  Do not photograph anyone with drone mounted cameras without their knowledge or permission. 

Fly Responsibly:

As of December 21, 2015, the FAA requires unmanned aircraft weighing more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) on takeoff (including everything on board or attached), and operated outdoors, be registered at
Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about how regulations impact you: and
Some additional information about recreational drone flying is found at this web site and many good tips about how to "stay out of trouble" here.  Another great resource is a blog article by Jacky Miller on terminology and how to fly a drone (by permission).