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updated February 2, 2023

The Fredericksburg - Rappahannock Chapter of the Izaak Walton League has been a dutiful steward of the Fredericksburg Dog Mart since 1947 and the founding leadership of the chapter had been the trustees for the Dog Mart tracing back to 1929.

The 325th Anniversary of the Fredericksburg Dog Mart is planned for Saturday, September 30th, 2023 from 9:30 AM to 3 PM.  The rain date is planned for the following day if needed.By clicking the blue highlighted links view:
If you are an organization that would like to display and sell your wares during the event, you may obtain a vendor site location at the event for only $25.00.  To do this, simply download an application by clicking  2023 Dog Mart Vendor Application. Once you have read and completed the application submit your fee in accordance with the instructions on the application.

Please visit our modernized and official Fredericksburg Dog Mart website.

We are registered and you can see our flyer by clicking on the national event scheduler WhoFish:  Friends of WhoFish.Org

To see a large collection of photos taken at the 317th Dog Mart in September 2015 see the links below.  These are Windows Movie Files (essentially slide shows) and are very large files in size -- 51 and 95 meg respectively.  If you have metered usage or a slow internet connection you might not want to download the files.

Part 1 --  51 meg

Photos from a broad perspective of the event including not only some dogs but also the entertainment venues

Part 2 --  95 meg

Photos more focused on the dogs, the dog show, the dog demos and the ceremony of the event.

Here is a small sample of photographs from the 2014 Dog Mart depicting only a few of the events and sights from the Dog Mart.

Click on the thumbnail below to view a larger photo.