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Contact Us (as of December 31, 2022)

As of the Board meeting this evening the contact information concerning each officer, director and volunteer chairs has been moved to behind the Member's Login page and will require a passcode to access in the future.  This has resulted from nuisance emails using information gleaned from this page.  Hopefully, placing a security step in order to access this information will eliminate or reduce the nuisance use of the information.

If anyone that has no access to the protected page wants to address the chapter, please use the chapter email address (newsletter  (@)  Substitute the @ symbol between newsletter and without parenthetical and spaces.  I will attempt to address your question or provide it to the right person for a response.



New!  (April 15, 2018)  We now have a telephone and the number at the Chapterhouse is:


(Note: Unless there is someone near a phone at the Chapter the phone will probably not be answered.  Leave a message if it is not an emergency.  If an emergency call someone identified as an Officer or a Director listed in the table above.)

The two telephones located on the Chapterhouse porch and on the green tool shed can be used for making important local calls, especially if your cell phone has poor coverage.  

These same two phones should also be used to call 911 for any emergency (fire, injury, water emergency, etc.) that might occur on the Chapter property.  Be prepared to explain the physical location for the Chapter if asked (that is, 12400 Herndon Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia).

Our postal mailing address is
Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter IWLA
Post Office Box 734
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22404

Send all mail (except for membership renewals (see Note 2 below)), packages, etc. to the postal address identified above.

*NOTE 1* Do not be fooled by the postal box in front of the property, there is No US Postal mail delivery to the chapter grounds.

*NOTE 2* Membership renewals should NOT be addressed to this P.O. mailing address; instead, use the pre-addressed return mail label furnished with your invoice. If you have lost your invoice please contact the Membership Director (see list of contacts above) for instructions.  Sending your remittance to the above address might delay your renewal by up to 30 days.

*NOTE 3*  Package delivery by UPS, FED EX, etc.must be arranged with an officer or director of the board.  These services can/will deliver and have delivered to the chapter but there is no one there to receive the package.  One package was left on the fence post for a day or two before it was seen.  This is obviously unsatisfactory.

The Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter grounds and club house are located at the following physical address and, even though there is a mail box out front, postal mail is not to be addressed to this location as it will not be delivered (see mailing instructions above):

12400 Herndon Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia

Latitude: 38.295991 | Longitude: -77.680095
Altitude 106 meters (Above MSL)

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