Note: Before proceeding to range 4 make sure you "sign in" for using the thrower in the guest kiosk just inside the gate using the separate, dedicated clip board for this purpose.  After your target session, be sure to "sign out" from using the clay target thrower before leaving the property and noting whether thrower is working properly and that it was left in a safe and secure condition with 5 clay targets in the hopper.

These simplified instructions will enable a member to use the thrower without damaging the thrower or the person using it:

Step 1.  Make sure there is at least six (6) clay targets in the stack with one of the 6 in the throwing position and that the thrower is in the cocked (6 o'clock) position.'

Step 2.  Place the toggle switch, on rear of trap, to the "down" position.

Step 3.  Activate the handheld firing button until the thrower throws one of the clay pigeon targets placed in step 1.  The arm will travel to the "9 o'clock" position and stop.  The thrower's arm is now in the de-cocked position and it is in this 9 o'clock position it needs to remain while being stored.  Caution: The thrower can still be energized until the battery leads are removed