Chapter Meetings

August 3 Membership Meeting Posted: August 5, 2017

The August Membership meeting was very well attended. In fact we were near capacity for the Chapterhouse.  August is the annual election of officers and board members per the Chapter bylaws and honey, that had been extracted in July, was offered to members for a contribution to the Chapter.  Nearly a third of the honey harvest was dispensed in one pound "honey bears."  Honey will be available at each of the next few membership meetings until gone.  Photos are of the attendees a few minutes after the start of the meeting and the Secretary was reading the minutes.
AttendeesAttendees Minutes for the meeting will be published in less than two weeks and the results of the election will be communicated.  Elected individuals will be sworn into their positions at the September 2017 Membership meeting on September 7.

 December 1, 2016 Membership Meeting Posted: December 5, 2016

President Raines and the Chapter Recognized

Linda Bailey from the Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department presented The Alvin Staples Award to President Greg Raines for his volunteer efforts on behalf of the Fredericksburg Rappahannock Chapter of the IWLA.

Award from Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation

Project Healing Waters Supports New Pond Project

Richard Barnett, President, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (on left), presents a major contribution to Joe Webb, Fred-Rapp Chapter Director and Pond Manager (on right) for a significant share of the costs to cover the upcoming pond renovation work.  The pond will be made deeper at the perimeter on either side of the dam  to create a better access for PHWFF's wounded warriors and Chapter members for fishing.  Read more about the project on Hot Topics.

PHWFF contributes to pond project

September 6, 2016 Membership Meeting - Installation of New Officers and Directors   Posted: September 6, 2016
Each year in September the newly elected officers and directors of the Fred Rapp Chapter, IWLA are sworn into their positions for the new year of 2016/2017. See the Contact Us page for term limits for the Chapter's management team.  At the August membership meeting the following individuals pictured here were elected:
2016 Fred-Rapp Chapter Official Installation of Offficers From left to right: secretary, Barbara Pritchett; membership director, Sandy Stanford (elected in 2016); vice-president, Herbert Pritchett; president, Greg Raines; treasurer, Ralph Kinch; director, Jim Lloyd; director, Joe Webb; and director, Jamie Branham.  (Note: Other members of management that were elected last year and not pictured here include director, Darrell Schultz and director,Terry Fellinger.) 

April Membership Meeting 
Posted: April 11, 2016
The meeting featured a presentation from a guest speaker.

Tracie Haggerty from Green Top’s gave a presentation on "A Girl and A Gun”, a national organization. She stated that their events are intended to be fun, social gatherings where women can come together for support, encouragement, ask questions in a safe and nonjudgmental environment, improve on their marksmanship and bond together in the local shooting community.  She stated that she would like to bring this opportunity for lady shooters to our area.  She left some information for members to read and understand  the  objectives of the organization.

Tracie Haggerty, Facilitator for A Girl with a Gun Shooting League

Later in the meeting, member Art Foltz presented the Chapter a Certificate of Appreciation from the Virginia Trappers Association for the Chapters involvement and providing them with an area to train.
Art Foltz Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation 
And right after that, 

Neil Dishman, Crew Adviser, Scout Venturing Crew #7,  presented the Chapter with a certificate of appreciation from the Boy Scouts of America to show appreciation for spomsoring the Crew's Charter.  See photo below:

Neil Dishmand presents a certificate of Appreciation to President Raines

Minutes for Membership Meetings 
Posted: June 16, 2015
As a rule minutes for the monthly membership meetings are posted before the next following monthly meeting and can be read by going to the Member Login web page. The minutes are read at the meeting and ratified by membership voice vote.  If ratified without change the minutes become official; if changed the changes are incorporated and the new issue becomes official.

November Chapter Meeting - Posted: November 8, 2014
On Thursday, November 8, the Fred-Rapp Chapter of the IWLA held its monthly Chapter Membership meeting. The meeting was a regular meeting with no special guest presentations. The Secretary read the minutes from last meeting, the Treasurer reported income and expenditures.  The President announced that the membership will be asked to review/vote during the February Membership Meeting on the fiscal year budget for the upcoming year.

President Greg Raines issued Certificates of Appreciation (a sample shown on lower right) to members for their dedication and work in support of the Chapter and the 316th Dog Mart.  Those pictured below were the awardees attending Thursday's meeting.

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Members Awarded Certificate of Appreciation Sample Certificate of Appreciation

For rhe last agenda item, the final version of the Bylaws were briefly discussed and a motion made and seconded to place them up for vote by the membership. The Bylaws and the associated Operational Policies were both approved by a majority of the membership.

October Chapter Meeting - Posted: October 2, 2014
On Thursday, October 2, the Fred-Rapp Chapter of the IWLA held its monthly Chapter Membership meeting. The meeting was a regular meeting with no special guest presentations. Four new members were introduced and were approved for membership. The Secretary read the minutes from last meeting, the Treasurer reported income and expenditures and the Membership Chairman reported that 21% of the membership had submitted renewals for 2015. Each other committee chair made a brief report of status. Darrell Schultz also reported the success of the recently completed Dog Mart event and requested comments on either what was done well or for suggestions on improvements be submitted to either him at email: or Greg Raines at email: .

Chapter Awarded Second Place for Efficiency within the Virginia Division of IWLA   Herb Pritchett announced that the Chapter had been awarded a Chapter Efficiency award within the Virginia Division of the Izaak Walton League of America. Three awards for best, second and third place are presented each year to Chapters noted for their efficiency in the conduct of business. You may read more about how the award is scored by clicking here. Our Fred- Rapp Chapter received second place in this category for its performance when ranked with all other Chapters in the Virginia Division.

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Herb Presents Plaque to Greg for Chapter Efficiency Chapter Efficiency Award

September Chapter Meeting -  Posted: September 8, 2014

New Officers and Directors Inducted

On Thursday, September 4, the Fred-Rapp Chapter of the IWLA held its monthly Chapter Membership meeting. Officials SwornThis was our annual meeting for the official induction of elected officers and directors.

Steve Kotowski, past President of the Chapter administered the oath of office for the officials elected in August to lead in the current year (September 2014 to September 2015). The following officers and board directors have been officially installed as your leaders: President Greg Raines, Vice President Herbert Pritchett, Secretary Pat Aubert, and Treasurer Ralph Kinch. Also, two Directors were elected to 2-year terms of office - Joe Webb and Jamie Branham. Congratulations to the newly elected who will join the two Directors serving the second year of their terms,Terry Fellinger and Darrell Schultz, in leading the Chapter.

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Woodie Walker Addresses the Fred-Rapp Chapter membership 

Woodie Walker, II, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of the Rappahannock organization, was a guest speaker at September's Membership Meeting. He made a presentation around the theme of ARE - Advocacy, Restoration and Education. He talked about theGuest Speaker Woodie Walker organization and the work being done to restore and maintain the Rappahannock River from its headwaters to where it meets the bay. At the conclusion of his presention President Raines and VP Pritchett joined in presenting the plaque honoring Mr. Walker's devotion to the environment. The Outdoor Ethics Award, recognizes individuals, groups, or organizations (member or non-member) judged to have done outstanding work in outdoor ethics during the previous year. The award was announced at the Izaak Walton League's national convention during July 15-18 in Anaheim, California.

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August Chapter Meeting - Election and Awards (Posted: August 11, 20Ernie Padgette14)

On Thursday, August 7, we held the monthly Chapter Membership meeting. This was our annual meeting for election of officers and directors for the next organizational year that starts in September (see separate article on the "Home Page" for the results of the election). We had as a guest the President of the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter of the IWLA, Ernie Padgette (pictured at the right) who assisted with our annual election. He also took a few minutes to explain the success of the air rifle marksmanship program started at their Chapter about 10 years ago. He proudly recounted the fact that they have developed several shooters over those years into world class competitors. He strongly recommended that the Fred-Rapp Chapter consider starting its own program. He later conducted the election process by explaining the process to the assembled membership. 

Our Vice President, Herbert Pritchett represented us at  the National Convention held recently in California. He and Ernie Padgette shared a brief summary of the convention. He related that convention goers are still talking about the success of last year's convention hosted by our Chapter. President Raines chimed in and again praised the volunteer members of the Chapter that made it the success it was. We will have another opportunity to host the convention later in the decade. Herb turned the agenda back to President Raines to say aVP H Pritchett few words about several awards that were presented to our Chapter at the convention. These awards included two conservation awards and a membership increase award. Greg is shown below showing the membership the "Save our Streams Award" presented to the Chapter and Girl Scout Troop #536 for performing outstanding work in environmental education and citizen activism for clean water. In the second photo, Greg is shown presenting an award to Mike Sullivan who was honored at the National Convention as one of only 10 IWLA members from across the country recognized for his conservation work. A third award was presented to the chapter for 100% Member Increase in the last year.

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Girl Scout Award Environmental Award

Executive Director Scott Kovarovics Presents (Posted: June 7, 2014)
On Thursday evening, June 5 the Fredericksburg Rappahannock Chapter of the Izaak Walton Scott Kovarovics Presents League held its monthly membership meeting for June at the clubhouse. Executive Director Kovarovics presented on the topic of conservation with additional info from the National organization, the 2014 Convention and the League Strategic Plan. The presentation was well received by the members and there was a very informative Q&A following Scott's presentation. 

Chapter Membership Meetings

Our monthly Chapter Meetings for the general membership are generally held the first Thursday of the month, at 7 PM.  If that day falls on a holiday, the meeting will be held on the following Thursday, at 7 PM.  One of the agenda items for each meeting is the introduction of Prospective members by their sponsors and voting for their acceptance into membership by the members present.

The Chapter will provide snacks and beverages at each meeting.

*NOTE* - You are required to have your Membership Identification Card on your person while on Chapter property and at Chapter events at ALL TIMES!

See pictures from previous chapter meetings here!

Monthly Chapter Board Meetings

Our scheduled Chapter Board meetings are held, normally, at 6:30 PM on the Monday BEFORE our monthly Chapter Membership Meetings.  If that day falls on a holiday, the meeting will be held on Tuesday, the NEXT day.