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updated August 7, 2022

Workday Report on August 6, 2022 (Posted August 7, 2022)

We had a successful workday on Saturday with a group of volunteers that braved the humidity to continue trimming the overhanging branches on the tree line.  Some of the Troop 21 scouts continued to outfit the pontoon boat that will eventually allow wounded veterans to venture out on the pond for some fishing tours.  And a number of members took advantage of some training on the newly modified skeet thrower that now has a "wobbler" base to make shooting clays more challenging.  We oriented 3 new members (see below). We had a great lunch of pulled pork on fresh rolls, potato salad, cowboy beans and rice and pickled onions.  After lunch, a large audience listened to Darrell Schultz discuss the planning and needs for setting up Dog Mart on September 24, 2022.  Much work is defined and volunteers ares still needed.  Go to our Fredericksburg Dog Mart SignUp application and choose your task.  Many openings still exist and your help is needed.  More items are needed for this year's raffle.  One of our members has obtained several items from Green Top which will be raffled.  Green Top donated one of these items and the member donated the other.  Raffle tickets will be sold soon for these quality items with a desire to bring in much more than their value in return.  If you want to contribute to the raffle, send an email to along with an accurate description of the donated item.

August 2022 New Member Orientation  posted August 7, 2022

On August 6, we had 1 new individual member and 1 family membership oriented at the chapterhouse.  These members are pictured below:

From L to R: Cory Key, individual membership and Drew and Kelly Diffenbaugh, family membership.

Welcome to our newest members of the chapter!

Events for the week of August 7 and Our Next Chapter Work Day on September 3, 2022  (Updated August 7, 2022)

In this coming week the chapter will hold its monthly meetings, starting with the board meeting at 6:30 pm on August 1, the membership business meeting at 7 pm on Thursday, August 4 (prospective members should come early (6:15 pm to process their payments and paperwork) and work day events on August 6.  We have lots to do to prepare the property for Dog mart. See the official chapter calendar for events during the month, for any changes to the official event schedules and if there are any changes to events based on covid-19.

If you desire an event to be placed on the calendar, please communicate with the president, Herbert Pritchett Sr at his cell phone number 540-226-0015 or his email address You should also reference the event requirements detailed in the Premises Use Agreement located on the Facilities web page.

During the active mowing season each Thursday is designated as a mowing/string trimming day.  The activity will usually start at 8 am or earlier and last until the grass and weeds have been cut. This schedule will commence at the end of April and will continue until first frost curtails the growth.  If the day is a washout, it might be rescheduled.  Watch for an email notice.

Usually in the first week of the month, the chapter will hold our board meeting on Monday (sometimes Tuesday if there is a holiday) evening at 6:30 pm and our membership meeting on Thursday evening at 7 pm. Both meetings will be in the chapter house.

Special plea for volunteers (8/7/2022):  There are many projects in need of volunteer work and they are building faster than we can complete them.  Some of these are to make the chapter more appealing and do need to be done certainly before Dog Mart.  Come on August 6 to hear of the tasks that need to be accomplished and let's discuss a way to get them done in the remaining weeks of Dog Mart.  A few of these are already listed in our Dog Mart SignUp link but others are just odds and ends that need to get done.  Many of the tasks are "housekeeping."  For example the shooter's guest shack needs to be cleaned and spiders and wasps removed.  The porch on the Chaptehouse is even in more need of some cleaning!

Scheduled monthly workdays (first Saturday of the month typical schedule):
  • Saturday, grounds maintenance tasks begin at 8:00 AM,  All new members need to sign the roster sheet to obtain credit for work hours.  You must sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.  There are no exceptions. The kitchen area of the chapter house is off-limits except for kitchen crew on work day.
  • Saturday, Adopt-a-Highway roadside pickup event at 8:30 am (A roadside pickup is usually planned for work day if there is trash. For safety reasons a pickup will not be scheduled if the roadways are wet and slippery even if the rain has subsided.) A pickup on the August workday is waiting for a confirmation of a need and the acceptability of the weather. . IMPORTANT: When a pick-up is scheduled and you are intending to participate, review and heed the safety requirements on the Conservation page.
  • Saturday, 9 AM, Prospective member interviews in the Activity Center temperature permitting (or chapterhouse-- ask) and new member orientation in chapterhouse.
  • Saturday, All-in-One badging photos between 9:30 AM to 12 noon. The photo sitting will be first come first served. If you are possessing a temporary access badge (either orange or white), please come in to obtain a proper photo ID. If you are replacing a badge (where a photo exists but the badge has failed due to misuse) there will be a new photo badge reissued for a fee of $10 using either your archived photo or a new photo taken at the time of issue.
  • Saturday, around 10 AM, a trap thrower training session will be offered as needed and weather permitting for the auto clay pigeon thrower on shotgun range (range 4). This is a  15 minute tutorial and demonstration (if demand exists; please advise if you want an orientation.)
  • Saturday after work has completed there will be a lunch served in the activity center before workday is considered complete.
Note: In consideration of the fact that members are volunteering their efforts in support of the chapter on monthly workdays other recreational pursuits (fishing or shooting as prime examples) are closed until workday is complete. It could be as late as 2 PM although it might end as early as 1 PM when work has completed. The workday tasks have priority. 
No other events are presently planned, however, it is always prudent to check with the official chapter calendar for any last minute changes.

Honeybears are Ready for Anyone Wanting to Donate $10 to the Apiary Operation (posted July 16, 2022)

For those members who were unable to obtain any of the honey we had at the last monthly Chapter meeting, the opportunity to obtain some continues this week at the chapter apiary on Sunday (July 17th) at 4:00 pm.  For each $10 donation, you will receive a 12 oz honey bear full of delicious, local honey that was processed recently from our chapter apiary.

This year our honey bears are limited - we expect they will sell out fast. As always, the proceeds from the donations will flow back to support our apiary. Please bring either cash or a check payable to "IWLA Chapter."  If you cannot make it on Sunday, you may contact Bryce Hanson at to make arrangements for obtaining some honey.

July 2022 New Member Induction  posted July 9, 2022

On July 7, 2022 we had 2 new individual members inducted as members at the chapterhouse.  On July 9 we performed an orientation while a group of workers attempted to perform some outside landscape maintenance which the weather curtailed due to rainfall; The newest members of the chapter are pictured below:

From L to R: Warren Hamblet and Stephen Andrew (individual members)

Welcome to our newest members of the chapter!

Cub Scouts Spend a Week at Day Camp Posted June 16, 2022

See Activities Tab for a description and some photos.

Judge John W. Tobin Award for 2021 Presented Posted May 6, 2022

At the May membership meeting the prestigious Judge John W. Tobin Award was presented to member Al Saunders.  See additional details at the News page.

Earth Day Celebration updated May 5, 2022

On April 23, Fredericksburg and the surrounding area celebrated Earth Day.  And the Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America participated in the celebration of  Earth Day on the Rappahannock at Old Mill Park.  We had four tables at the event... our chapter membership table, the Healing Waters Fly Fishermen was there and the Apiary had a table as will Troop 21, Boy Scouts, who helped with our barrel train attraction. 
Thanks for those that volunteered and supported at this annual event:

Family BBQ at the Activity Center on Saturday, June 11, 2022  Updated April 20, 2022

This year we had no Wild Game Dinner as we have traditionally held in March.  We have not had this recently due to the pandemic but we intend to return that traditional dinner again in March of 2023.  This is the 75th Anniversary of our chapter (chartered on February 27, 1947)  and the past several years have been tumultuous.  On Saturday, June 11, 2022 the chapter is planning a Member Appreciation Day BBQ.  This will be a family oriented day that will also commemorate our 75th Jubilee.  More on the planning as the plans coalesce.

New Additions to the Range Rules have been Published (Posted March 18, 2022)

The range rules have been updated.  You may read those rules and the changes on the Facilities Web Page and at the Member Login page.

Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America Troop 21 (Posted March 5, 2022)

The Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. signed an agreement with Boy Scouts of America, Troop 21 to make them an affiliate of the chapter.  You will notice that our calendar has already placed a weekly meeting of the Troop on Monday evening at 7 pm.  You will also notice in the near future and as the weather gets better additional activity by the troop on the grounds as they begin to move their equipment to the property. When you see the troop out at the chapter give them a welcome.

Here are two photos from March 7, 2021 at their very first official meeting at our chapter house:

Members of BSA Troop 21 shown with Scoutmasters Jason Stone and Craig Kibler

Scout led small discussion group

A big Welcome to BSA Troop 21

Zero Tolerance Policy Issued for Firearms Ranges (Posted January 2, 2022)

On December 28 an email was sent to all subscribed members announcing the initiation of a zero tolerance policy for certain violations of the range rules.  All members are advised to read the email and the current chapter Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Range Rules thoroughly.  This policy was instituted to increase the safety of range operations and was effective on New Year's Day.  Note:  If you are not receiving email reminders from the chapter you might not be on the distribution list and you are not informed about chapter functions and operations.  You can add yourself to distribution, if a member, by applying here.  If you are not a member you will be removed after review by the moderator.