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New Temporary Traffic Pattern at the Chapter (posted May 2, 2020)

Starting Sunday, May 3rd at 3 PM a section of the road through the Chapter will be changed due to construction work starting for the new pavilion on the morning of May 4. The alternate routing will run through the parking lot to the range 1 entrance road and back out to the main road through to the back part of the property.  This alternate routing will remain this way until the job is completed. This could take up to 3 weeks depending on the weather.

This temporary alternate routing of traffic will be marked clearly so there should not be any confusion. As is always expected, please observe the posted speed limits.

If you have any questions about this matter please contact Herbert Pritchett at 540-786-7711.

Events for the week of July 5 and Our Next Chapter Work Day on July 11 (Updated July 5, 2020)

We are hopeful that we might get back to a more normal chapter meeting schedule in July but it depends on how the governor decides to reopen the commonwealth.  See chapter calendar for any official event event schedules.  The COVID - 19 guidance might change any of our scheduled events so check back frequently.  I will keep the COVID-19 restrictions for the workday until advised otherwise.

  • Workday scheduled for Saturday, July 11; see below:

Next Monthly Work Day, Saturday, July 11, 2020 (modified schedules in red due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions)  These might be altered so sometime before July 11 check back for refinements

The following were the events for May 5.  Standby while we assess changes for July 11. As soon as we determine what can be done on July 11 we will post it here.  For example We are determining if we could possibly rearrange the photo operation so we might be able to take photos for the All-in-One cards while adhering to social distancing requirements.

  • Saturday, grounds maintenance tasks begin at 8:00 AM  refreshments will be served on front porch.  Masks are advised inside the chapter house and members should be careful to be socially distanced as best as they can..
  • Saturday, Adopt-a-Highway roadside pickup event  The roadside pickup will be scheduled for July 11; need people to clean the roadside of trash.  Meet Bill Hudson in the chapter parking lot at 8:30 am to convoy to the site.  Review the safety requirements on the Conservation page.
  • Saturday, 9 AM, Prospective Member interviews and New member orientation.
  • Saturday, All-in-One badging photos between 9:30 AM to 12 noon. The photo sitting will be first come first served.  If you are replacing a badge (no need for a photo) there will be a badge reissued for a fee of $10 using your archived photo.
  • Saturday, 10 AM, training session for clay pigeon thrower on shotgun range (range 4) 15 minute tutorial and demonstration (if demand exists; please advise if you want an orientation.)
Note: Firearms ranges closed until workday is complete. No other events are presently planned, however, it is always prudent to check with the official chapter calendar for any last minute changes.

Issued All-in-One Badges and New Members for June 2020 (posted July 6, 2020)

On June 6 we issued 15 All-in-One badges making up a good share of the production missed for the past several months due to Covid 19 restrictions. We have 10 members that have been issued temporary credentials and will need to get their photos taken at the July workday meeting
We also interviewed and oriented 2 new family memberships (Mark and Katherine Adams and Charles and Catherine Graham) and 2 regular memberships (Wayne Dudley and Jeffery Wilkerson).  Two of these members will need to come in July to have badges issued after we have obtained their membership numbers from National Headquarters.
Unfortunately, we missed an opportunity to take a group shot of the new members inducted today.  Perhaps at the next Membership Meeting in July where we hope to hold a Thursday evening meeting maybe in the new pavilion!

The Concrete Pad for the New Pavilion has been Poured (posted May 31, 2020)

This week at the chapter saw more progress on the new pavilion project with the construction of the forms, the installation of steel reinforcing rods and the pouring of the concrete for the floor.  The next step will be for the steel structure to be fabricated at the manufacturing facility.  Measurements of the slab will guide the fabricators into making the final precise pieces to be brought on site and erected.  We should see this started in the early weeks of June.


New Members May 2020

New Members inducted May 2020

L to R  Schuyler Porche, Gary Sexton, Jim Jeremiah, and Diane Oliver.

New Members inducted May 2020 (March/April inductees)

L to R  Gavin McWirt, Tyler Newton, Charles & Angela Walker, the Walker’s son, Melvin Bennett, “Dock” Weightman, and Stan Huie.

Darrell Ferrell Pavilion Razed to Make Way for Larger Structure (posted March 20, 2020)

The main pavilion at the Chapter (named for one of its long-time and prominent members, Darrell Ferrell) was razed on March 13, 2020, in advance of a renewal project that replaces it with a larger, modern metal constructed building that will serve multi-purposes. You can see the former pavilion in the photo above.

Adopt-a-Highway Roadside Pickup Returns for 2020 (posted March 14, 2020)

Bill Hudson has announced that the chapter will resume Adopt a Highway activity on April 4 (our next chapter workday).  Scheduled dates for pickups will include chapter work days for the months of April, May, June, August, and September. (None scheduled for July).  See Conservation page for details including important safety requirements.  Bill Hudson will provide a safety brief just prior to the scheduled pickup events at the parking lot in front of the chapter house.

March Chapter Inductees at Orientation (Posted March 7, 2020)

Left to right: Kristin & Michael Snow holding future member Snow, Jeff Snow, Lee Rose, Robert Kenawell, and Lori & David Horstick

The 2020 National IWLA Convention (Posted February 1, 2020)

Read more at the National Convention page.

Interested in Our Apiary? (Posted March 7, 2020)

Go to our conservation page to see a newly created information sheet.  If you are interested in becoming more expert on beekeeping contact Bryce Hanson at

Beekeeper Photos posted (Posted December 6, 2019)

Go to the Conservation page to see several photos of our Chapter Apiary Volunteers as they work to put the apiary into winter hibernation.

Chronic Wasting Disease Information of Interest to Members (Posted December 31, 2019)

On December 11, 2019, Tom Ciarula of the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter attended a Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fishery (DGIF) Meeting in Richmond. Tom represented both the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter and the Virginia Division at the meeting. Attached is a presentation providing the latest information from DGIF on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the deer population in Virginia. Ernie Padgette,President, Virginia Division, IWLA has asked us to disseminate to all interested parties.

Rainbow Trout waiting to be caught at the Chapter Pond (Updated December 1, 2019)

It should be good fishing at the pond.

Chapter Receives Two National Awards at Most Recent Convention in Des Moines (Posted August 4, 2019)

Your chapter was recognized twice at the 2019 National Convention.  See National Convention tab.

New to Fishing or Do You Want to Become More Proficient? (Posted August 3, 2019)

An excellent place to start is the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries web page where you can do everything from purchase your license and read about the regulations as well as learn much about the art of fishing. Become a more educated angler then grab your pole and tackle and come out to the chapter to practice what you learn.

Fredericksburg- Rappahannock Chapter Board 2019 Elections  (Updated September 7, 2019)

In accord with the chapter's bylaws, each year around June, the current officers and, in alternating years, half the directors are canvassed for their desire to be placed on the ballot for the next year's term.  This year, all incumbents canvassed expressed a desire to again compete for their elected positions. The election was held at the August membership meeting of August 1, 2019.  While there was barely a quorum of members at this mid-summer meeting, the election was held and all incumbents were re-elected to their positions.  All officers will serve an additional year and each of the re-elected directors will serve for 2 additional years.  Those individuals that were on the slate of candidates ballot can be viewed in the Member login area of this web site or here.  These electees formally took their offices at a swearing in ceremony at the September membership meeting on Thursday evening, September 5.

Darrell P Schultz Awarded the Annual Tobin Award for 2018 (Posted May 4, 2019)

See News Tab for details

The Power of Change (Posted April 10, 2019)

The Power of Change recently awarded our Chapter with funds for our Honey Bee conservation effort.  If you are in the REC service area enroll today at the Power of Change web page to allow REC to make grants like this to worthy programs like ours. 

Notice: New Trash Policy for Ranges (Posted March 16, 2019)

The Chapter has instituted a new policy for trash disposal at the ranges.  Simply, if you bring any material into the range areas, to include targets, temporary target stands, cartridge boxes, food or drink, etc., you are to remove it from the property and dispose with your personal household waste.  You may leave bullet casings in the supplied bucket (not on the ground) and lead in the berms.  That's it.  Details of this new policy were distributed by an email reminder on March 15.

Passcode for the Member Login Page has been changed for 2020

(Posted March 1, 2020)

All members should have received an email reminder from the Social Media Manager indicating the new 4-digit passcode that allows members to access the Memberhip Only page  The old pass code has been replaced and will no longer work.

Draft Membership Meeting Minutes for November have been Posted for Review by Chapter Members  (posted November 5, 2018)

Go to the Member Login page to access and read the draft minutes for the recent membership meeting,  These will be offered for membership ratification at the next monthly  membership meeting
Also note that last month's minutes were read and ratified at the recent meeting and those minutes and many others are also found in the same Member Only web location.

Do You Plan to Host an Event at the Chapter?  (updseted May 16, 2020)

The Chapter is an amazing asset if any member want to host an event on the premises.  If you have an intent to host a group, make sure you do some advance planning and contact the Chapter's Event Planner, Herbert Pritchett.  Earlier in May, we updated the Chapter's House and Ground Rules and at the same time established a requirement for anyone desiring the use of the Chapter to access, download, read and complete the Request for Use of Chapter Premises.  This document outlines requirements for use, releases the Chapter from liability and assures the requester the full knowledge of the Chapter's expectations.  The document can always be found midway on the Facilities page.  Please submit your completed application to Herbert Pritchett at email at well in advance of the anticipated use so that you are assured of permission to use and no conflicts with other events.  Always look at the Chapter Calendar when planning.

See the News Tab for Several Recent  "News" events  (Posted June  22,  2018 )

See Conservation page for the latest Adopt-a-Highway report  (posted April 3, 2019 )

New WiFI Communications Capability at Our Chapter   (updated May 6, 2018 )

The long awaited change from our previous Internet supplier to Comcast Business has been accomplished.  We now have a high speed Internet, TV and telephone.  If you want to access wifi at the Chapter you may use our guest access network line by setting up your device to receive the signal (you may find the credentials in the Member Only Login page). This access was fixed on May 6 so now it should work easily for all.

Our new phone number, accessible at phone boxes outside the Chapterhouse, at the tool shed and a remote phone in the kitchen, is 540-412-9330.  You can make outgoing and incoming calls.  The bell does not riing loudly for incoming calls outside and if no one is close by do not rely on it being answered if it is an emergency.  The previous phone service was limited to outgoing 911 and was "copper wire"; this new phone is VOIP and can be used for any local dialing which is especially useful for those members that do not have good cell phone service at the Chapter.

Our Chapter Apiary is in the Local News (posted April 15, 2018 ) 

See article

Chapter Awarded Monetary Grant from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (posted March 28, 2018 ) 

See the Conservation tab for more information.

Spanish Speaking Person Sought

Greg Raines indicated at the March Membership Meeting that the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) is asking for volunteer Spanish interpreters for a class they will be holding for children.  Anyone interested may contact Greg at 540-287-2628  (A text message works best).

We Now Have a Work Van for Facility Maintenance Chores  (posted March 18, 2018)

Utikity van driver sideThanks to the efforts of one of our members, we have a vehicle that we can use for chores around the Chapter and to support our activities off-site. The Chevrolet E3500 van looks and runs like new and was donated to the Chapter by Dominion Electric.  The decals were added so that we can be visible in our community and project our image of Conservation and community service.  The van will become very useful in July when we need to transport cargo to the site of the National Convention we are hosting in Fredericksburg.

Utility van passenger side  

Project Healing Waters Social Media Sites  (Posted August 3, 2017)

Members may learn more about Project Healing Waters by accessing the web sites at   or the more detailed information on the Fredericksburg Facebook page of Project Healing Waters 

Archery Ranges (posted June 15, 2017)

Members are reminded that the Manahoac Bowmen organization operates an archery range which is inside the woods beyond the flag pole on the west side of the pond.  No IWLA member is allowed to use that range for archery purposes without the permission and guidance of the Manahoac Bowmen.  There is a series of ranges for use by IWLA members to the right of the Bowmen's building.  It is situated between the Shotgun Range and the Bowmen's building.  There are several shooting lanes of varying distance for targets primarily for arrows with field points.  Archers shall not be using broadhead arrow tips on any target not designed for their use.  If you are not familiar with this prohibition please reference the Chapter's range rules.  If you do not understand the basis for the requirement, do not shoot broadhead arrows without consulting someone in charge of the Manahoac Bowmen organization. Shooting broadhead arrows at targets meant for field points damages the targets severely. Broadhead arrows are razor sharp and designed to rip and tear flesh.  If shot into a target meant for field points they can easily break off and present a very severe hazard to anyone left with the task of repairing the targets.  Violators of this prohibition will be severely penalized.  Again, do not use broadhead arrows unless you know what you are doing.  The person or persons that shot these arrows into field targets obviously did not know what they were doing or were maliciously/willingly damaging property.  Please direct any questions about the archery ranges and range requirements to Eugene Slagle at  You can obtainin additional information about the bowmen organization at their web page.

Assured Access to Advanced Health Care Directives  (posted April 6, 2017)

At the April Chapter Membership Meeting, George Lear reported to the membership the existence of a service that the Commonwealth of Virginia provides to its citizens.  This service is a secure website that can be used to store important documents that protect your legal rights and ensure your medical wishes are honored if you are incapacitated and unable to manage your own care.  The database of Advance Directives at this website is held in a confidential and secure site, protected by the most up-to-date web and database security standards. All information submitted is used only by authorized individuals and kept completely confidential. If you are interested in learning more about this service you can obtain all the information and subscribe by linking here.

Free Money for the Chapter (posted February 11, 2017)

If any of our members (or anyone else for that matter) shop using Amazon Smiles, it takes just a few adjustments of your account to have the Amazon company donate a percentage of the sale to the account of the Fred-Rapp Chapter at no cost to the member.  The percentage is small but just in the last quarter the Chapter has earned nearly $10 through this no cost feature of Amazon.  See our Donations tab for access to the steps to make this happen for the benefit of the Chapter. Or learn more about Amazon Smiles and how to use this feature by clicking here.

Lost and Found (reposted May 1, 2018)

Several items have been found at the Chapterhouse:
  • A set of small keys
  • A very nice electronic camera found at the Chapter several years ago.
  • A pink, black, and blue woman's scarf left in Chapterhouse on December 5, 2015
Send an email to describing your lost item and we will figure out a good time to get the item back to its proper owner.

Some of our Fish at the Chapter Pond were Tagged and will be Tracked if reported  (updated October 20, 2019)

Our Chapter Pond manager, Joe Webb, has started a fish tagging program at the pond at the Chapter grounds.  About 60 bass have been caught, tagged and released in a one month period several years ago.  This program will help to assess the health of our fishery.  If you fish at the pond and catch one with a tag on the left side of the dorsal fin make sure you take note of the tag number.  Tagged fish are still being caught. You can go to the fish tagging website to see the history of the fish and add your own notations: Go to the main web site front page at Key in the full Tag ID printed on the tag and click Go. You will now be brought to a web page displaying the tag's history. Please add your new catch information here by clicking Add. You will be asked for information regarding your catch such as angler name/e-mail, fish type, weight, length, location caught, date caught, and any comments. You should print out and take a Fish Tag Log Sheet with you when fishing in order to record this information for entering into the computer after fishing. Please also send Joe an email to let him know you had caught and reported a fish that has been tagged. 

Problems Receiving Chapter Email?  Do you use Gmail? (posted May 6, 2016)

If you are having trouble receiving Chapter emails and you are using gmail as your email delivery application, the mail might be located in a tab called Promotions. In gmail, your email typically is received in the Primary tab (known more commonly as the inbox).  Gmail has other tabs located next to the Primary tab and one of those is Promotions.  Look there and see what you can find.  If you want to know more about the delivery of mail from the email distribution tool we use (MailChimp) read this knowledge article:

As it turns out, if Chapter email is being delivered to the Promotions tab, you can correct this tendency by simply moving your Chapter originated email from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab and it will learn that you want future email delivered there  Further instruction about moving email messages can be obtained here: