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Zero Tolerance Policy Issued for Firearms Ranges (Posted January 2, 2021)

On December 28 an email was sent to all subscribed members announcing the initiation of a zero tolerance policy for certain violations of the range rules.  All members are advised to read the email and the current chapter Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Range Rules thoroughly.  This policy was instituted to increase the safety of range operations and was effective on New Year's Day.  Note:  If you are not receiving email reminders from the chapter you might not be on the distribution list and you are not informed about chapter functions and operations.  You can add yourself to distribution, if a member, by applying here.  If you are not a member you will be removed after review by the moderator.

Events for the week of January 23 and Our Next Chapter Work Day on February 5, 2022  (Updated January 23, 2022) 

See the official chapter calendar for any changes to the official event schedules and if there are any chnges to events based on covid-19. 

If you desire an event to be placed on the calendar, please communicate with the president, Herbert Pritchett Sr at his cell phone number 540-226-0015 or his email address You should also reference the event requirements detailed in the Premises Use Agreement located on the Facilities web page.

First Saturday of the month workdays (typical schedule):
  • Saturday, grounds maintenance tasks begin at 8:00 AM,  The kitchen area of the chapter house is off-limits except for kitchen crew.
  • Saturday, Adopt-a-Highway roadside pickup event  (No pickup is planned for the remainder of the year)    IMPORTANT: When a pick-up is scheduled and you are intending to participate, review and heed the safety requirements on the Conservation page.
  • Saturday, 9 AM, Prospective member interviews in Activity Center (or chapterhouse-- ask) and new member orientation in chapterhouse.
  • Saturday, All-in-One badging photos between 9:30 AM to 12 noon. The photo sitting will be first come first served. If you are possessing a temporary access badge (either orange or white), please come in to obtain a proper photo ID. If you are replacing a badge (where a photo exists but the badge has failed due to misuse) there will be a new photo badge reissued for a fee of $10 using either your archived photo or a new photo taken at the time of issue.
  • Saturday, 10 AM, training session as needed and weather permitting for clay pigeon thrower on shotgun range (range 4) 15 minute tutorial and demonstration (if demand exists; please advise if you want an orientation.)
Note: In consideration of the fact that members are volunteering their efforts in support of the chapter other recreational pursuits (fishing or shooting as prime examples) are closed until workday is complete. It could be as late as 3 PM although it might end as early as 1 PM when work has completed. The workday tasks have priority. 
Usually in the first week of the month, the chapter will hold our board meeting on Monday evening at 6:30 pm and our membership meeting on Thursday evening at 7 pm. Both meetings will be in the chapterhouse.
No other events are presently planned, however, it is always prudent to check with the official chapter calendar for any last minute changes.

Third Membership Renewal Processing Session (Updated January 17, 2022)

On the morning of Thursday, December 16, a group of volunteers met at 9:30 am to process renewal submissions.  With these submissions processed, the rate of renewal reached 70%.  There is no plan to meet and process checks before the end of the year.  Those that submit renewals from December 16 forward will only have their access advanced to the end of 2021 but the checks will not be processed until a date after January 1, 2022.  Those that fail to submit their renewals before the annual deadline (December 31, 2021, need to include a $20 late processing fee.  The post mark is important.  If you fail to get it postmarked and your late processing fee is not included, your gate access will be suspended until the late fee is collected.  Get your renewals in and save yourself some money and potential aggravation.  You have 11 days until the deadline but a holiday and Sundays reduce the numbers of days to obtain a post mark! 
Our next session will be held on Tuesday, January 18 (postponed from Sunday January 16 by a cautious approach to a winter storm).  If you have not submitted your renewal your membership will lapse at the end of January.  Postmark your renewal payment by January 31 and you will not lapse.

Second Membership Renewal Processing Session (Posted November 21, 2021)

This morning we processed a batch of 2022 membership renewals that had been collected since the last renewal session of October 29, 2021.  According to our Membership Committee Chair, Sandy Stanford, we processed a total of 144 membership renewals for membership year 2022 starting on January 1, 2022.  Over the course of the two renewal sessions we have now collected about 55% of the total renewals we are expecting before December 31, 2021.  The members that have already renewed have had their access cards registered for an additional year of access to the property.  Those that have not renewed will lose access if the renewals are not received or postmarked by December 31, 2021.  Renewals after that date will be penalized with a $20 late fee and their access will be reinstated upon the receipt and processing of their payment.  (Don't procrastinate and lose access and an additional $20 by missing the December 31 deadline.)

The following is a photo of the group that came this morning to process the envelopes.  Sandy Stanford was there but had his head buried in his laptop and the membership database behind the podium.  It is a heavily manual and antiquated task with several sub-elements that go beyond simply receiving and cashing a payment check. It is not made simpler by members neglecting to read the instructions and sending in all the required paperwork which includes the form for the shooter's fee. Thanks to you members that follow directions and thanks especially to those that came out this morning to help assure we have a viable program for all in 2022. We were complete before 1 pm.  Without payment and payment processing, the chapter would quickly cease to exist as membership dues are the principal source of chapter revenue.  And beyond that a good time was had by all.

2022 Membership Renewal Processing Party Number 2 on November 21

The Trout Fishing Rules (Reinstated for fishing in 2021/2022, November 9, 2021)

Thanks to the monetary donations from some of our generous members, the pond will be stocked with rainbow trout on Nov 19th when the water temperature has cooled to the safe level for stocking.  If you are interested in watching the stocking process, we expect the delivery to be at some time between 10 and 11 AM on November 19.  That is the best time window we can provide as the fish are delivered by Sugar Grove Trophy Trout Farm, Sugar Grove, West Virginia.

Trout fishing will begin immediately after stocking. There is not a requirement for a license or trout license for fishing at the pond.  Once stocked, trout fishing will be strictly “catch and keep”, i.e., there is to be no releasing of caught trout back into the pond. There is a daily creel limit of four rainbows per angler.  After an angler catches (and keeps) four fish, he/she must cease fishing with anything that would (reasonably) catch a trout.  Said another way, after you catch your four, you must stop fishing for trout. You can give your fish away if you wish, but it is still on your creel limit (for example, a fisherman could leave with more than their four fish, only if others give them theirs).

The trout are provided for the enjoyment of Chapter members and their families, but guests are permitted per the following guidelines.  A member may bring in two guests per visit.  We are asking after November 19th that fishing guests be registered in the kiosk used for registering guests for shooting on the range.  Use the same clipboard used for registering shooting guests but annotate that the guests are registered for fishing only.  Guests are allowed only three visits before they should apply for membership to continue to benefit from the perks of the chapter. 

Also, there will be a clipboard at the “fishing shelter” near the fire pit for you to report your name, the date, and the number of trout caught.  Whether you are a member or a guest please record your catch as you prepare to leave so we know the outtake of trout.

New Member Orientation, Saturday, December 4, 2021

A group of new members were given an orientation and issued membership badges on workday, December 4, 2021.  The group is pictured below:

From Left to Right:  Mike Curry, Individual Membership, (June 2021), Jaime Fernandez, Family membership, (Claudia Vargas not present), Jonathan Vasbinder, Family Membership (Amie Swann, not present).

New Member Orientation, Saturday, November 6, 2021

A group of new members were given an orientation and issued membership badges on workday, November 6, 2021.  The group is pictured below:

From Left to Right:  Justin Womack, family membership; Carmetta Malone-Moss, individual membership; and Neil Hornung, family membership.  Not present: Terisha Womack and Andrea Hornung.

Roofing Work on Work/storage Shed  (Posted November 7, 2021)

See Activities Tab for a short article on some recent roofing work done on the chapter's shed.

Mattaponi District Scouts were Guests at the Chapter Recently (Posted September 19, 2021)

The chapter was host to the Mattaponi District Scout Fall Camporee over the weekend on September 10-12.  The scouts were encamped on the property and were focusing on the preparation for their merit badge in search and rescue.  There was a variety of county and state equipment used in search and rescue on land, water and air.  Fire trucks, EMS ambulances, the water dive team and a state police search and rescue helicopter were all on display.  A few photos:

New Officers Inducted at September Membership Meeting (posted September 3, 2021)

At the September Membership Meeting the recently elected board members were sworn in y the past vice president Joe Webb.  The photo was taken after the ceremony:

L to R: Latoynia Ransom-Harvey, director; Barbara Pritchett, secretary; Herbert Pritchett, president; James Lloyd, vice president, Sandy Stanford, membership director; Darrell Schultz, director; and Ralph Kinch, treasurer.

Eagle Scout Project Improves Comfort at the Pond (posted September 3, 2021)

Six new park benches ring the pond and trails thanks to BSA Troop 179's Christopher Crespo completing his Eagle Scout Service Project.

3 Benches at Edge of Pond

Chris is the 3rd son of newer IWLA members, Richard and Diana Crespo, to complete his Eagle Scout requirements.  The Crespo family are no strangers to the IWLA, as their 3 Boy Scouts have done numerous camp outs and other scout events at the IWLA over the past 11 years.

Thanks to Chris for his contribution to the comfort of chapter members when visiting the pond.  This is also a great time to have this improvement just before our Dog Mart at the end of the month.

Chapter Celebrates National Shooting Sports Month (posted August 29, 2021)

See article at the Activities tab on Ted McPherson Memorial Trapshoot.

New Member Orientation, Saturday, August 7, 2021

A number of new members were given an orientation and issued membership badges on workday, August 7, 2021.  The group is pictured below:

From left to right:  Melanie and Robert Rykena, FM; Don and Sherry Hildebrand FM; Dianne Napier (FM); Mike Del Signore RG; Richard Petras RG; Mark Crain RG; Don Hendley (July 2021) RG; George and Carol Rice FM; and Tom Powell RG.   FM is a family membership and RG is an individual (regular) membership.

Chapter Board Election Results (posted August 6, 2021)

Annual elections of board members for the year September 2021 to August 2022, were held at the August membership meeting, the elected officials were presented on a ballot.  There were no nominations from the floor so the slate of candidates was put to a voice vote and unanimously affirmed  The president of the Virginia Division, Ernie Padgette, visited the chapter to administer the election as the parliamentarian.  The recently elected officials will be installed at the September 2021 membership meeting. The new officers and board directors that were elected are:

Herbert Pritchett, president (1 year term); Jim Lloyd, vice president, (1 year term); Barbara Pritchett, secretary (1 year term); Ralph Kinch, treasurer (1 year term); Directors: Sandy Stanford (membership), 2 year term; Darrell Schultz (2 year term); Latoynia Ransom-Harvey, 2 year term; Tammie Pasterak (1 year term)

You may contact any of the board members by using the information accessed at the "Member Login Page" web page

See the News Tab for Several Recent  "News" events  (Posted August 6, 2021)

The Fredericksburg Dog Mart is Commended by the Virginia Legislature (Posted June 4, 2021)

Delegate Mark L. Cole (R) House District 88, attended our June 3, 2021, Membership meeting to present the chapter with a resolution commending the heritage and stewardship over the centuries for the Fredericksburg Dog Mart.  His remarks included the fact that the dog mart was an event that predated the founding of Spotsylvania County which is in its tricentennial celebration year. Here is Delegate Cole presenting the formal resolution to Darrell Schultz, board director and manager for the Fredericksburg Dog Mart.

Presentation by Delegate Mark L. Cole

The full text of the resolution can be found at HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 667

The patrons for this resolution were Delegates Mark L. Cole, district 88; Nicolas J. Freitas, district 30; and Bobby Orrock, district 54; along with Senator Bryce Reeves, district 17.

Chapter members Awarded the prestigious Judge Tobin Award (Posted June 4, 2021)  See News Tab

The Fox Family  (Posted May 15, 2021)

On Thursday of this week at about 5 pm, I was working out near range 2 on the camera.  There were three shooters there earlier in the afternoon and had been shooting constantly at paper and clay targets.  After they left, I noticed a small fox head peering over the top of the range 2 berm.  It was a "scout" and as soon as it thought the coast was clear it invited two of its siblings out to play on the impact side of the berm.  They moved towards the left side and close to the animal burrow just outside the post holding the line on which targets are hung.  I wanted to get a photo of the three playing together but I must have blinked because as I moved to get closer all of a sudden they had disappeared as if by magic!  So, if you are close to range 2 and no one is there, move carefully towards the range and you might get a glimpse of a young fox family.  As I finished up my work and getting into my truck, a bald eagle appeared flying easterly over the pond and towards the upper pavilion and beyond into the woods beyond Herndon road.  The chapter is truly a nature preserve.  Jim Lloyd
Update: One of our members (Angela Walker) and her husband, Chuck, visited the chapter on Sunday morning when everything is quiet and Angela took several photos of the fox kits on range 2.  Beautiful animals and excellent photos.  Thanks, Walker family for sharing the photos with us.  [Note: My phone camera is good for selfies but not for nature shots like these!]


Faulty Information on the Cover of the Most Recent "Outdoor America" IWLA Magazine  (Posted February 23, 2021)

On the cover of the most recent issue of the Outdoor America (OA) magazine (2021 Issue 1) was information of concern to some.  Some members have expressed concern that there a cover sheet containing a warning that their IWLA membership had expired at the end of December 2020.  Pay no attention to the notice as it is likely bogus for anyone that has renewed.  We have been sending renewal information to National after each processing party up to and including the one held in the last part of January.  In past years, these renewals have been promptly processed.  This year, not so much, and likely due to the virus, Covid-19.  Because the operation at the National level has been distributed, processing renewals has been running as much as 6 weeks later than normal.  We suspect that late processing has triggered the notices in a case of unintended consequence.  Be assured that if your renewal check has been processed by your bank and your access to the chapter is allowed using your All-in-One identification card, you are a member in good standing despite the dire warning on the magazine.  Members that renewed earlier in the renewal cycle did not have the warning attached to their magazine.  If you received a magazine and did not renew your membership, regard the cover as a farewell gift.

The cover you might have received looks like this:  Outdoor America "Faulty" Cover

We apologize for any confusion that this situation might have caused.  You need not call or reply asking about the status of your membership as we are well beyond the annual cutoff to renew and your check should have processed by now.  The existence of a canceled check will confirm your renewal.

The Passcode for the Member Login Page was changed on February 28 2021 (Posted March 6, 2021)

All members with valid email accounts should have received on February 28 from the social media manager indicating the new 4-digit passcode that allows members to access the Membership Only page  The old pass code has been replaced and will no longer work.  If you do not receive the Chapter email reminders, please send a request to and provide your first and last name and a current email address and, if you are a current member, the social media manager will add your name to the distribution list.

Commonwealth's Coronovirus-19 Assembly Restriction Status (Updated May 29, 2021)

The guidance established in December and reiterated several times since continues as of this date April 3).  If this guidance changes we will modify calendars and other guidance accordingly.  Read here for details about current commonwealth limitations.

Trout Stocking of the Pond

See the Conservation Tab for the story and two videos of the trout stocking and fishing today at Izaak Walton Fred-Rapp Chapter.

Interested in Our Apiary? (Posted March 7, 2020)

Go to our conservation page to see a newly created information sheet.  If you are interested in becoming more expert on beekeeping contact Bryce Hanson at

Beekeeper Photos posted (Posted December 6, 2019)

Go to the Conservation page to see several photos of our Chapter Apiary Volunteers as they work to put the apiary into winter hibernation.

Do You Plan to Host an Event at the Chapter?  (updseted May 16, 2020) 

The Chapter is an amazing asset if any member want to host an event on the premises.  If you have an intent to host a group, make sure you do some advance planning and contact the Chapter's Event Planner, Herbert Pritchett.  Earlier in May, we updated the Chapter's House and Ground Rules and at the same time established a requirement for anyone desiring the use of the Chapter to access, download, read and complete the Request for Use of Chapter Premises.  This document outlines requirements for use, releases the Chapter from liability and assures the requester the full knowledge of the Chapter's expectations.  The document can always be found midway on the Facilities page.  Please submit your completed application to Herbert Pritchett at email at well in advance of the anticipated use so that you are assured of permission to use and no conflicts with other events.  Always look at the Chapter Calendar when planning.

See Conservation page for the latest Adopt-a-Highway report  (posted April 3, 2019 )

WiFI Communications Capability at Our Chapter Expanded   (updated September 3, 2021 )

Our Internet capability has been provided by Comcast Business for the past 3 years.  We have a high speed Internet, TV and voice over internet telephone.  If you want to access wifi at the chapter you may use our guest access network line by setting up your device to receive the signal (you may find the credentials in the Member Only Login page). We have internet access from the front of the chapter all the way to the other side of the pond using Unifi access points mounted in the chapterhouse, the Activity Center and on the camera pole on the far side of the pond.

Our new phone number, accessible at phone boxes outside the chapterhouse, at the tool shed and a remote phone in the kitchen, is 540-412-9330.  You can make outgoing and incoming calls.  The bell does not ring loudly for incoming calls outside and if no one is close by do not rely on it being answered if it is an emergency.  The previous phone service was limited to outgoing 911 and was "copper wire"; this new phone is VOIP and can be used for any local dialing which is especially useful for those members that do not have good cell phone service at the Chapter.

Our Chapter Apiary is in the Local News (posted April 15, 2018 ) 

See article

Chapter Awarded Monetary Grant from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (posted March 28, 2018 ) 

See the Conservation tab for more information.

Project Healing Waters Social Media Sites  (Posted August 3, 2017)

Members may learn more about Project Healing Waters by accessing the web sites at   or the more detailed information on the Fredericksburg Facebook page of Project Healing Waters 

Archery Ranges (posted June 15, 2017)

Members are reminded that the Manahoac Bowmen organization operates an archery range which is inside the woods beyond the flag pole on the west side of the pond.  No IWLA member is allowed to use that range for archery purposes without the permission and guidance of the Manahoac Bowmen.  There is a series of ranges for use by IWLA members to the right of the Bowmen's building.  It is situated between the Shotgun Range and the Bowmen's building.  There are several shooting lanes of varying distance for targets primarily for arrows with field points.  Archers shall not be using broadhead arrow tips on any target not designed for their use.  If you are not familiar with this prohibition please reference the Chapter's range rules.  If you do not understand the basis for the requirement, do not shoot broadhead arrows without consulting someone in charge of the Manahoac Bowmen organization. Shooting broadhead arrows at targets meant for field points damages the targets severely. Broadhead arrows are razor sharp and designed to rip and tear flesh.  If shot into a target meant for field points they can easily break off and present a very severe hazard to anyone left with the task of repairing the targets.  Violators of this prohibition will be severely penalized.  Again, do not use broadhead arrows unless you know what you are doing.  The person or persons that shot these arrows into field targets obviously did not know what they were doing or were maliciously/willingly damaging property.  Please direct any questions about the archery ranges and range requirements to Eugene Slagle at  You can obtainin additional information about the bowmen organization at their web page.

Assured Access to Advanced Health Care Directives  (posted April 6, 2017)

At the April Chapter Membership Meeting, George Lear reported to the membership the existence of a service that the Commonwealth of Virginia provides to its citizens.  This service is a secure website that can be used to store important documents that protect your legal rights and ensure your medical wishes are honored if you are incapacitated and unable to manage your own care.  The database of Advance Directives at this website is held in a confidential and secure site, protected by the most up-to-date web and database security standards. All information submitted is used only by authorized individuals and kept completely confidential. If you are interested in learning more about this service you can obtain all the information and subscribe by linking here.

Free Money for the Chapter (posted February 11, 2017)

If any of our members (or anyone else for that matter) shop using Amazon Smiles, it takes just a few adjustments of your account to have the Amazon company donate a percentage of the sale to the account of the Fred-Rapp Chapter at no cost to the member.  The percentage is small but just in the last quarter the Chapter has earned nearly $10 through this no cost feature of Amazon.  See our Donations tab for access to the steps to make this happen for the benefit of the Chapter. Or learn more about Amazon Smiles and how to use this feature by clicking here.

Problems Receiving Chapter Email?  Do you use Gmail? (posted May 6, 2016)

If you are having trouble receiving Chapter emails and you are using gmail as your email delivery application, the mail might be located in a tab called Promotions. In gmail, your email typically is received in the Primary tab (known more commonly as the inbox).  Gmail has other tabs located next to the Primary tab and one of those is Promotions.  Look there and see what you can find.  If you want to know more about the delivery of mail from the email distribution tool we use (MailChimp) read this knowledge article:

As it turns out, if Chapter email is being delivered to the Promotions tab, you can correct this tendency by simply moving your Chapter originated email from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab and it will learn that you want future email delivered there  Further instruction about moving email messages can be obtained here: