National IWLA Convention Information

Convention Goers from Fred-Rapp Chapter  Some important information and times  (Posted July 16, 2018).

For anyone from the FredRapp chapter that has registered for the Convention and are commuting daily to the Convention events, your registration packet may be picked up at the registration desk at the Hotel starting today and tomorrow.  On Monday the registration will be open from 1 to 3 PM.  On Tuesday, July 17,the registration will open at 7 AM and be closed at around 5 PM just before the Early Bird Auction.  The Early Bird auction and party starts on Tuesday, July 17 and will run from 5 PM to 8 PM.  I suspect that registration can be done just prior to 5 PM but suggest you allow an hour ahead of that so there is no last minute registration rush.   An hour by hour schedule for the convention is not available by electronic means; it is part of the packet that you will receive when you register. The Parade of States event starts at 6 PM on Wednesday and the Chapter Night out starts at around 5:30 - 6 PM on Thursday night at the Chapter.

2018 National Convention at the Fredericksburg, VA Hospitality House, July 17-20, 2018 (posted: April 6, 2018)

See the Convention Website for additional information.  Check frequently as the information will be changing and improving the closer we get to the event.

2017 National Convention at the Kalihari Resorts, July 25-28, 2017 

Water: Our Nation's Future  (posted: February 23, 2017)

2016 National Convention at Stevens Point, WI  (posted: February 23, 2017)

Virginia Delegation to 2016 National Convention  -- The Virginia group in The Virginia Room at The National Convention in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

Virginia Delegation

2016 94th National Convention -- Steven's Point WI

The 2016 national convention was held in Steven's Point, Wisconsin, July 19-22, 2016 hosted by the Bill Cook Chapter.

2015 93rd National Convention -- Pierre SD

The 2015 national convention was held South Dakota.

2014 National Convention -- Anaheim CA

The 2014 national convention was held this past July in Anaheim, CA. 

2013 National Convention -- Fredericksburg VA

The Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter hosted the 2013 IWLA National Convention. The convention was held at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House (Formerly The Sheraton by Interstate 95 & Rt. 3) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Convention was held on July 23 - 27, 2013.

View/Download the 2013 National Convention flyer here.

View/Download the Outdoor America article here

* * * Sponsors of the 2013 National Convention * * *

Over 60 local and national businesses and private donors contributed to make the 2013 National Convention a success. Without their generous donations we could not have done it.  See a list of the 2013 Convention business sponsors here.