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Another Easy Opportunity for New Members to Earn Work Hours (Updated October 18, 2016)

If you are a member that is lacking some work hours to meet your first year work hour requirement the membership Director, Sandy Stanford will hold the second of several membership renewal envelope opening parties at the Chapterhouse on Sunday, October 23 at 9:00 AM.  If we have 8 or 10 members volunteer it should take no more than about 3 hours to process the renewal paperwork and payments that we will receive during the week.  Dues will need to be paid by the end of the year and there will certainly be additional work parties to open dues submissions and update the records as we advance into the fall quarter.  Call Sandy at 540-972-1806 or drop him an email at stanfolr@comcast.net to let him know if you plan to attend this Sunday morning, October 23.

Status: So far, we have 124 renewals processed. (8 in the first week and 116 in the past week).  At the rate of returns for the renewals so far this week we expect somewhere in the range of 80 to 100 envelopes to process this Sunday.  For the 124 we have already processed, the expiration date for the membership all-in-one cards (used as membership card, shooter ID and for gate access) have been extended until December 31, 2017.  Those members will receive no more correspondence from the Chapter but should notice that their check payments have cleared on their next bank statement.  Rest assured, your gate access card will continue to work in 2017.

State Chapter Invites Virginia Chapters to Participate (Posted October 14, 2016)

Barbara Pritchett attended the Virginia State Division Meeting on October 1, 2016 at the Alexandria Chapter. She reported at our October meeeting that the newly hired National Clean Water Director, Danielle Donkersloot spoke at the Division Meeting about a new Clean Water Campaign being launched by the National Chapter. Danielle is very knowledgeable in her field and very excited to begin this position. She will be working with the State and regional Chapters to provide information regarding Clean Water and Save our Stream Projects. Barbara also reported that the State Division passed a motion to purchase up to $10,000 in water testing kits. Each individual chapter may receive one of these kits free and may purchase additional kits from the State Division at a reduced price. The state will continue to purchase the kits in a large supply in order to keep prices down for the Chapters. There will be more to learn about our participation in this activity soon.  In the meantime, you can access the information on this revitalized Save Our Streams effort published by the National Headquarters.

October draft Membership Meeting Minutes have been Posted for Review by Chapter Members  (posted October 10, 2016) 

Go here to access and read the draft minutes for the October member meeting,  These will be offered for membership ratification at the November 2016 membership meeting.

Also note that the September minutes were read, corrected and ratified at the October meeting and those minutes and many others are also found in the same Member Only location.

Events for the Week of October 23 and Our Next Chapter Work Day on November 5  (updated October 22, 2016)

Next official event at Chapter is a Board meeting on October 31.
Next Work Day, Saturday, November 5
  • Saturday, November 5, Grounds Maintenance Tasks begin at 8:00 AM
  • Saturday, November 5,  9 am, Prospective Member Interviews and New Member Orientation at Chapterhouse
  • Saturday, November 5, 9:30 AM to 12 noon, Next scheduled 2016 All-in-one Badge issue at the Chapterhouse  (new Membership year will be starting soon; come and get your current membership card before it expires)
No other events are presently planned however it is always prudent to check with the official Chapter Calendar for any last minute changes.

2017 Membership Renewal  (updated October 22, 2016)

The 2017 Membership Renewal forms were prepared on Sunday morning, October 2, by a small group of volunteers and were taken to the Post Office on October 3.  Members should all have received their envelope on or around October 6, Thursday.  If you do not receive an envelope for renewal of your 2017 membership to the Izaak Walton League of America, something is amiss and you should contact Sandy Stanford by simply dropping him an email at stanfolr@comcast.net to let him know that we have somehow missed you.
This year, for the first time ever, you will not receive anything back in the mail from the Chapter after you pay your dues.  You have your permanent membership all-in-one card and it will remain in effect for another year upon your remittance of the 2017 dues.  Your card will be extended for an additional 12 months and the gates will continue to open for you.  You will not need to come to the Chapter for any reason related to renewal.

Be sure to read the inserts along with your membership invoice.  There are two from the Chapter:

  1. The annual shooter's fee insert.  If this form applies to you, complete it and send along with your remittance.  If you shoot and are less than 65 years old then you should remit an additional $10 for each shooter's card that you possess.  If you are 65 or older then you have hit the jackpot and may shoot for only your membership fee.  If you decide to shoot and have not been a shooter before you must remit your fee and come to the Chapter on work day to exchange your regular membership ID for a shooter's ID.  You are not allowed to shoot without a shooter's ID.  Likewise if you decide to not continue as a shooter, you must exchange your badge for a regular membership badge.  Your shooter's ID will be deactivated on December 31 and you will need to obtain a replacement all-in-one card.
  2. A membership renewal facts insert.  Very important information is included on this insert as we have discontinued postal mailings during the year except for the annual billing.  All information passed to membership is now passed only by electronic communication.
For your information and convenience the two Chapter inserts that are in your envelopes are replicated here:

            Shooter's fee insert.                                 Membership renewal facts insert.

Fredericksburg 318th Dog Mart is Complete (updated September 26, 2016)

The Chapter grounds were vacant before 7 PM on Saturday evening after a successful 318th Dog Mart Event.  The new shed was used to store all items so that we can locate the items for use in future events.  It is a vast improvement over the previous method.  The Board of Direcotrs are grateful for the members that turned out to get things ready, execute the schedule and to tear down and store the material.  It took a series of work days to put it up but about 3 hours to disasseble and store.  Thanks all who helped out.

Rumble at the River -- Save the Date -- November 5 (posted September 23, 2016)

Jointly sponsored by the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Fredericksburg, the Fredericksburg Rappahonnock Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America and the Rock River Outfitters. For details see the Upcoming Events page.

New Officers and Directors Installed for Year 2016/2017 (posted September 6, 2016)

See Chapter Meetings page for details and photo.

IWLA National Office to Host Archery Academy Program (posted September 1, 2016)

The IWLA national office has scheduled a Level 2 Archery Instructor training class for Saturday, October 1, 2016 at the IWLA national office in Gaithersburg, MD.  This accelerated, one-day training session provides attendees with Level 2
Archery Instructor certification and the tools and knowledge needed to develop
beginning and intermediate archery and bow hunting programs. This training is
open to all League members. However, you must have substantive archery
knowledge and experience; this training is not an introductory course on
archery skills. Class size is limited.
Archer Time is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Go to the  Archery Academy Page for additional details and a registration form.

Our Fish at the Chapter Pond are being Tagged and Tracked (posted September 1, 2016)

Our Chapter Pond manager, Joe Webb, has started a fish tagging program at the pond at the Chapter grounds.  So far about 25 fish have been caught, tagged and released.  This program will help to assess the health of our fishery.  If you fish at the pond and catch one with a tag on the left side of the dorsal fin make sure you take note of the tag number.  You can go to the fish tagging website to see the history of the fish and add your own notations: Go to the main web site front page at www.fishtagger.com. Key in the full Tag ID printed on the tag and click Go. You will now be brought to a web page displaying the tag's history. Please add your new catch information here by clicking Add. You will be asked for information regarding your catch such as angler name/e-mail, fish type, weight, length, location caught, date caught, and any comments. You should print out and take a Fish Tag Log Sheet with you when fishing in order to record this information for entering into the computer after fishing. Please also send Joe an email to let him know you had caught and reported a fish that has been tagged.  Joe also announced that in partnership with the Chapter's Project Healing Waters Fly Fisherman Program the pond will again be stocked with rainbow trout this year.  This stocking will be done after the temperatures of the pond water have dropped to a safe level for survicval of the species.

Member Dick Barnett Receives 2016 Judge Tobin Award  (posted August 31, 2016)

See Announcements for an article about this award event.

Apiary Report for the Month of August  (posted August 31, 2016)

A summary of the inspection activity at the apiary for the month of August can be found at the Conservation tab.

No Swimming in the Chapter Pond  (posted August 12, 2016)

When you are out at the Chapter these hot, sweltering days of August, you might be tempted to take a dip in tha pond pictured above.  Please resist the urge as swimming is not allowed in the  pond.  [Besides "crocs" have been sighted inhabitaing our pond (not really).]
      . No Swimming Allowed

The July 2016 Chapter Newsletter (posted August 10, 2016)

Look here for the July 2016 Chapter Newsletter

Clay Pigeon Thrower is Again Working (sort of) (posted August 8, 2016)

As a result of a user not shutting the Chapter's clay pigeon thrower down properly it was not feeding clays properly and breaking them upon launch since July 18.  An adjustment was made along with some other tweaks and the thrower no longer seems to break the clays upon launch. The clay thrower is again operating correctly and may be used, However, the launcher is still not in its "as new" configuration so it is not known how long this proper operating condition will last. If it starts to break clays again, please close it down and notify an RSO, if on duty, or Jamie Branham.  It is imperative that users know how to shut down the machine properly.  The throwing arm never needs to be manually forced into any position for storage.  Instead of leaving the thrower arm in the eight o’clock position and inserting the safety pin—the last user somehow pushed the arm into the six o’clock position and then inserted the safety pin on the outside of the arm under pressure. That upset the timing on the throwing arm and caused the arm to "slap" the clay and was breaking it on the launcher. There is a procedure for shutting the thrower down properly that is posted mid-way down on the Faciities page.  Please read and configure the machine properly.  Depending on where you position yourself when working with the thrower, if you do not know what you are doing, this electromechanically actuated arm on this device can injure seriously or kill a user!  Be careful and respectful of the equipment.

Chapter Dues for the Upcoming Year to Increase (updated August 31, 2016)

After a discussion of the changes in dues by both National and State Chapters which were set at the July National Convention, the Budget Committee recommended a dues increase for the Chapter. These increases were then subjected to a vote by the membership and the increases were accepted unanimously at the August Membership Meeting.  For the upcoming membership year the Chapter dues will be increased to $100 for Individual members and $150 for family memberships. The initiation fee will remain at $300 and the shooter fee will also remain at $10 (no fee for 65 years or older).  New members joining in October or later in 2016 will pay a prorated 2107 dues plus an additional 1/12th of the 2017 fee per month until December for individual and 1/12 of the 2017 fee for family for each month remaining in 2016 when accepted for membership.  The fees for memberships starting in October 2016 are therefore:


October $125
November $117
December $108
and all new members in January 2017 would be $100 until next October

October  $188
November $175
December $163
and all new families in January 2017 would be $150 until next October

See National Convention Page for a Photo of our Virginia Delegation to the National Convention in July 2016 (posted July 27, 2016)

Volunteer Positions Available (posted August 5, 2016) 

Apiary (Bee Colony) Assistants
The caring for the bees is labor intensive and Jim Ashcraft indicates that his volunteer workforce has recently been reduced to himself and two others.  He needs some assistance with this conservation effort.  Those that are interested in bee keeping should contact Jim at jashcraft@comcast.net or Greg Raines at onehrdwkr@hotmail.com
Izaak Walton Logo Apparel Sales
Nikki Metternan is our lead for sales of Izaak Walton logo apparel (primarily shirts and hats).. Nikki is seeking someone that would be able to help her with these sales.  The task is primarily on the evening of memberhip meetings and monthly work days when members are at the Chapter and the Chapterhouse is open.  Anyone interested should contact Nikki at
nmetterman@gmail.com or Greg Raines at onehrdwkr@hotmail.com
We have received some new green shirts with yellow  Izaak Walton logos that will soon be available for purchase.

Fred Rapp Chapter Facebook Page
The Chapter is seeking a new administrator for the Chapter's Facebook page.  This element of our social outreach is meant to reach a wide audience to communicate the goals and objectives of our local organization.  If you are interested in ivesting a few hours a month in keeeping the site fresh and attractive contact Greg Raines at  onehrdwkr@hotmail.com

Fred-Rapp Chapter Honey Production (posted July 8, 2016)

Jim Ashcroft reported at the July membership meeting that after a disasterous loss to the bee colonies due to late winter freeze and thaw cycles that the apiary is being reconstituted. The bees are doing well.  Honey production was interrupted for this year but  should be back on track for next year around Indpendence Day 2017.  The caring for the bees is  labor intensive and Jim indicates that his volunteer workforce has recently been reduced to himself and two others.  He needs some assistance with this conservation effort.  Those that are interested in bee keeping should contact Jim at jashcraft@comcast.net

Are there gators (could be a croc) in the pond at the Chapter? Not really!  (posted June 24, 2016)

If you look closely at the water 10 to 15 feet out from the shore of the pond you might see something that could be very frightening if you are unaware that these harmless decoys were added earlier this week by our pond manager. 
                          gators  NOT!
This life-like foam decoy of the head of an alligator was purposely placed in the pond in an attempt to make the pond a less inviting location for the Canadian geese. (Actually geese from any country as we are not anti-Canadian.) The geese are destroying the eco-system we want in and near the pond (I think you know what I mean). There are three of these decoys placed in locations around the pond.  One of these decoys can be seen about 100 feet south of the spillway on the archery side of the pond near the shore.  These are harmless and should not be disturbed in any way and definitely not shot!  And don't tell the geese!  In fact it would be good to pretend fear when nearing one of these floating gator heads. Hmmm, I wonder what the beavers think of these new additions?

Flag Retirement Ceremony (posted June 20, 2016) 

CeremonyTapsOn Saturday, the Boy and Girl Scouts conducted a flag retirement ceremony at the Chapter grounds.  The ceremony, one of the few conducted in the state, destroyed a few hundred worn flags in a dignified ceremony conssiting of a number of patriotic and educational readings about the national symboll of the United States of America.  There are two separate slide shows of exactly the same photographs for those that are interested.  The high resolution slideshow is huge (about 900 MB) and should only be downloaded by those that have an unlimited data account and a few spare moments.  The other is much smaller (about 5 MB) but, unfortunately, low resolution.
cemetery plaque

2016 All-in-one cards to be issued next on September 3

(posted August 27, 2016)

For anyone that has not picked up their Membership All-in-one card for 2016, we are once again issuing the remaining cards on Saturday, September 3, from 9:30 AM to 12 noon at the Chapterhouse.  For anyone that has never been issued a photo ID before, you must come during the session to have a photo taken in order to have a new membership card issued.  If you miss this date, the next date will be August  6 which is the next Saturday Work Day.  Remember, the card is necessary for gaining access to the Chapter grounds and must be worn whenever shooting at the Chapter ranges.  We still have about 30 cards ready that are unissued and as many as 120 cards not created due to lack of a member photograph. (These are mostly family members that are members but have never registered for a shooter's ID in the past two years and therefore have no photograph in the archive.) In a fmonth we will be gearing up for the 2017 Membership Renewal Drive so please come and get your 2016 Membership Card.

June  9's Roadside Conservation Event, the Second of the Season, a Success  (posted July 15, 2016)

On Saturday, June 4, Bill Hudson, our  Adopt-a-Highway Roadside pickup lead conservation person lead a group of 5 volunteers to successduly clean a portion of our assigned raodside for the second time this year. Bill had a number of members this time along with 4 scouts that made quick and thorough work of our assigned two mile stretch.  Bill plans to have two more pick-ups in the next several months Chapter work events in order to assure we can complete our 4 assigned "quarterly" events before the end of the year.  Presently, the plan is to do a pick up in August and September but the plan will be flexible and one of the events might be delayed until October. To read more about the event planning go to the Conservation page. Stay tuned.

Trees Successfully Planted (posted May 8, 2016)

Rod Hughes led a team of volunteers that convoyed themselves to the designated tree planting location at Lee Hill Park in Fredericksburg. The group picked up the trees in Loriella Park and learned they had more than the 100 they thought they might be receiving.  Not a problem as more is better.  All trees were planted and once again the Fred Rapp Chapter has done its bit to reforest our region in Virginia.

Problems Receiving Chapter Email?  Do you use Gmail? (posted May 6, 2016)

If you are having trouble receiving Chapter emails and you are using gmail as your email delivery application, the mail might be located in a tab called Promotions. In gmail, your email typically is received in the Primary tab (known more commonly as the inbox).  Gmail has other tabs located next to the Primary tab and one of those is Promotions.  Look there and see what you can find.  If you want to know more about the delivery of mail from the email distribution tool we use (MailChimp) read this knowledge article:

As it turns out, if Chapter email is being delivered to the Promotions tab, you can correct this tendency by simply moving your Chapter originated email from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab and it will learn that you want future email delivered there  Further instruction about moving email messages can be obtained here: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/3055016?hl=en&ref_topic=3394594

Another Way to Support your Chapter (posted April 24, 2016)

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8. Shop at smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate to the Izaak Walton League of America, Inc.  Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter. 

Use the link below and you will be directed to great Mother's Day gift ideas for Mom with an added benefit in support of Izaak Walton  League of America, Inc. Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter at no cost to the purchaser.
AmazonSmile Mother's Day Link

Member Login Page -- the access Password was Changed (updated April 29, 2016)

On Easter Sunday the password for the Member Login page was changed.  Members that are subscribed to the email reminder distribution were sent an email at 12:30 PM on that day with the new password.  If you are a member and are not a subscriber to email, please consider subscribing so you do not miss important information that is distributed frequently.  If you want access to the Member Login page and are a member in good standing, send Jim Lloyd an email at newsletter@iwlafred-rapp.org and he will coordinate with the Membership Director, Sandy Stanford in an effort to provide you the access password.  Lloyd can also help subscribe you to the email distribution list.

Manahoac Bowmen Set 2016 Archery Schedule  (posted March 16, 2016)

See the Activities page for a link to the Manahoac Bowman 2016 Archery Shooting schedule.

Chapter Newsletter Feature Returns  (posted March 15, 2016)

After a little more than a year hiatus, member Beth Rouse has volunteered to be our Chapter newsletter editor.  The newsletters will be published/posted quarterly on the News tab of the web site.  See March Newsletter.

 Lost and Found (reposted July 15, 2016)

Several items have been found at the Chapterhouse:
  • A pair of Foster Grant reading glasses left November 14 maybe during the Project Healing Waters Benefit event
  • A very nice electronic camera found at the Chapter maybe a year ago.
  • A pink, black, and blue woman's scarf left in Chapterhouse on December 5
Send an email to newsletter@iwlafred-rapp.org describing your lost item and we will figure out a good time to get the item back to its proper owner.

Attractions 2016 - The Coupon Book for Fredericksburg Attractions, Retail Stores, Super Markets and Restaurants has Arrived (posted: August 7, 2015)  

We have received the 2016 ATTRACTIONS book and will be selling these again as part of our Chapter fund raising efforts. Get your book at our next Chapter Membership Meeting and other Chapter Events... just $25.00.  This book, known officially as the "ATTRACTIONS - Dining and Value Guide for Fredericksburg" contains many coupons offering "Buy One Get One" coupon opportunities. The use of these coupons will recoup the cost of this book with only 2-3 uses at popular restaurants, events and attractions. Even better, if you buy a book now the coupons are available for use immediately and will not expire until the end of December 2016! These will sell fast so get one soon while there are still some remaining. To get yours, contact Greg Raines, (540) 287-2628 or email: onehrdwkr@hotmail.com . Just ask when you see him and he'll get one for YOU! Consider buying extras as it is not too soon to think about giving these as Holiday gifts.