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The Chapter is a Registered Beneficiary of AmazonSmile (posted November 21, 2015)

Members and friends have a convenient way of contributing to our Chapter 0.5% of eligible purchases made using AmazonSmile.  See the new posting at the Donations page to learn more about how to make the Fred Rapp Chapter a beneficiary of purchases made using your Amazon account at no additional cost to you.

The Unidentified Shooter Fee Renewal (updated November 18, 2015)

 In the course of processing membership renewals we have a mystery:
  • In October a shooter's fee application became detached from the membership renewal form.  See the copy of the application.  We can only determine that the person is a Colonel, US Marine Corps  (retired) and is likely younger than 65. If this is you, give Sandy a call and let him know so your membership shooter's card can be issued for 2016.
If anyone can help out with this mystery, Sandy Stanford, Chapter Membership Director, would appreciate the information and assistance.

 Lost and Found (posted/updated November 19, 2015)

Several items have been found at the Chapterhouse:
  • A pair of prescription sun glasses left last weekend maybe during the Project Healing Waters Benefit event.
  • A laptop computer found Sunday in the Chapterhouse maybe left during the Project Healing Waters Benefit event.  {note: the laptop owner has been located and it has been returned}
  • A very nice electronic camera found at the Chapter maybe a year ago.
Send an email to describing your lost item and we will figure out a good time to get the item back to its proper owner.

Membership Renewal Status (posted November 18, 2015)

Sixty percent of the Fred Rapp Chapter members of the IWLA have sent in their renewals for 2016. Thank you for your diligence.  For the remainder of the members that have not sent in their renewals, there are 6 weeks remaining before the end of the normal renewal schedule.  After January 1, you may still renew but will need to add a $20 penalty fee for late renewal.  After January 31, 2016 and if unpaid, your membership will lapse and you will need to renew as a new member.  Soon the new proximity sensor membership identification badges will be produced in order for paid members to come to the chapter to pick them up.  Stand by for a notification of dates and times that volunteers will be available for issuing the new credentials for 2016.

November Membership Meeting Minutes Available for Review  (updated November 8, 2015)

Located in Member Login web area.  To be reviewed and ratified at the December 3 Membership Meeting.

Events for the Week of November 21 (updated November 21, 2015)

  • Thursday, November 26, 2015  Happy Thanksgiving!
  • No other events are presently planned however it is always prudent to check with the official Chapter Calendar for any last minute changes.

Hints of the Coming of Advanced Technology at the Chapter Gates (posted November 4, 2015)

If you have been out at the grounds in the past few weeks you will have noticed some changes made to the entrace area to the Chapter Grounds.  This is a hint of new technology that will be used early in 2016 to open the gates for entry and exit.  One advantage; no more remembering the passcode. Read an article about the changes that are coming (some, like the relocated guest sign-in booth and the realigned parking for vehicles displaying disabled parking permits are here already).
Entry drive to Chapter showing new sensor mounted on pillarExit sensor on brick pillar

Topsoil Donation Sought to Fill in the Low Spots (posted October 31, 2015)

We need some topsoil and ask anyone who wants to donate to contact Joe Webb, Director. We could probably use as much as you might have for filling in potholes in the lawn, trenches, low spots, etc.

Combination 2016 Membership/Entry Access/Shooters ID Cards (posted October 19, 2015)

Over the next several months the Chapter will be changing the gate entry process from a keypad entry system to a proximity card type of entry.  We will no longer have to remember a numeric access code to enter into a key pad.  Another advance is that you will not need to leave your vehicle to swipe the card at the reader to open the automatic gates.
Every member will be issued a new proximity access card and will need it to access the Chapter grounds sometime after the beginning of 2016.  Also, if you are a shooter, you will have your photo printed directly on the new proximity card and you will need to wear and display the photo ID card while shooting on the range, just as we have done the past 2 years.
Every member will be asked over the next few months to personally visit the Chapter to retrieve the new access credential.  Those shooters that have had photo IDs in the past will be issued photo proximity cards if they choose to continue as shooters without needing to sit for a new photo (except several people whose photos were not saved or inadvertently deleted).
A number of members who have identified themselves as shooters have never had their photos taken and therefore have never received a shooter's badge and presumably have not been to the range for several years.  Those members are typically a "significant other" who might have never desired to actually shoot and therefore chose not to visit the chapter to have a photo taken but there are some that are individual members. 
In a few days, members who have been identified as shooters but do not have a shooter's badge or a photo will be asked to come to the Chapter to have a photo taken.  If you want to be a shooting member you will need to get the photo taken as these cards are expensive and after one is issued as a regular ID and you want it issued as a shooter's ID a few months later you will need to pay a re-issue fee of $25.00 for the new card.  A schedule will be published so you know when photos are to be taken and the badges issued.  This will likely coincide with the regular first Saturday of the month work days, Sunday sessions where membership renewals will be processed and maybe other weekends when volunteers will be available to issue new proximity cards and take photos.
  • All members will need to come to the Chapterhouse during the next several months to retrieve a new entry access card that is a proximity card and a membership card.
  • Those members that are also shooters will have their photos printed on these cards to serve as both entry access and a member/shooter's ID.
  • A group of self identified shooters that have not ever had a photo taken in the past two years since we have been using photo IDs will need to have their photos taken in order to have their access ID issued as a shooter's ID. 
  • The first proximity card will be issued at no cost to the member but if you have a photo taken later and a new card issued it will cost an extra fee of $25.00 to cover the cost of processing another proximity card.  The cost for re-issue will be the same ($25.00) for lost or damaged cards.
Stay tuned for a schedule for the issue of these cards and a separate note for those several dozen individuals that will need to have a photo taken at the Chapterhouse. There will be additional information about this transition over the next several weeks.

Laying the brick for the exit sensor kiosk

You will see the progress of this project at the Chapter as you drive past the new brick pillars at the entry gate that will serve as the proximity card sensor kiosks.  As the weeks progress until the end of the year, more information will be provided for the transition from the keypad entry to the proximity card entry process.

Trapper Training at the Chapter on October 3  (posted October 8, 2015)

A few photos of the event:

Membership Renewal Notices for 2016 Were Dropped in the Mail on September 17 (updated September 20, 2015)

The 2016 membership renewal forms and shooter's fee payment slips were mailed out  to members after a 21 volunteer-hour session of envelope stuffing at the Chapterhouse.  An email reminder was sent to members to provide more details on Saturday September 19.

Expect the envelope in your mailbox soon.  Read the few instructions, enter the information if you (and your spouse) are shooters on the shooter's form, total the renewal fee and enclose a check made out simply to IWLA for that total.  Remove the sticker on the pink portion of the renewal form and affix to the envelope along with first class postage.  Place the pink copy only, the check and the shooter's form inside the envelope  and return as soon as possible but before the end of December.

Any envelope not post marked by December 31 will need to add a $20 late fee to the total.  After January 31, membership will lapse and you will need to re-apply as if you were a brand new member ($300 initiation, your renewal fees and a 20 hour service requirement).   Pay close attention to this renewal process.  If you do not receive a renewal envelope soon please call or email Sandy Stanford and tell him now that something is amiss.   Do not wait until your penalties start mounting.

Work party at Chapterhouse
Photo shows the group assembling and sealing renewal envelopes on September 17.

Your Chapter Officers/Directors - for September 2015 to September 2016 (posted September 3, 2015)

 At the Chapter membership meeting on Thursday evening, September 3, the officials elected last month were formally inducted into their new officer positions. Former Fred Rapp Chapter president, Steve Kotowski assisted our organization with conducting the induction process in accordance with the bylaws of the Fred-Rapp Chapter. The following officers and board directors were inducted: president - Greg Raines, vice president - Herbert Pritchett, secretary - Barbara Pritchett, and treasurer- Ralph Kinch. Also, two board directors were elected to 2-year terms of office - Darrell Schultz and Terry Fellinger, a director for membership - Sandy Stanford and an open director position for 1 year - Jimmy Miles.  Congratulations to the new officials that will be leading the Chapter for the next organizational year that began on September 1, 2015. The new management team has been listed in the Contact Page.

November draft Membership Meeting Minutes have been Placed in the Member Login web page (posted November 14, 2015) 

Go here to access the minutes to read,  These will be read and ratified at the December meeting.

Attractions 2016 - The Coupon Book for Fredericksburg Attractions, Retail Stores, Super Markets and Restaurants has Arrived (posted: August 7, 2015)  

We have received the 2016 ATTRACTIONS book and will be selling these again as part of our Chapter fund raising efforts. Get your book at our next Chapter Membership Meeting and other Chapter Events... just $25.00.  This book, known officially as the "ATTRACTIONS - Dining and Value Guide for Fredericksburg" contains many coupons offering "Buy One Get One" coupon opportunities. The use of these coupons will recoup the cost of this book with only 2-3 uses at popular restaurants, events and attractions. Even better, if you buy a book now the coupons are available for use immediately and will not expire until the end of December 2016! These will sell fast so get one soon while there are still some remaining. To get yours, contact Greg Raines, (540) 287-2628 or email: . Just ask when you see him and he'll get one for YOU! Consider buying extras as it is not too soon to think about giving these as Holiday gifts.

Eagle Scout Project to Improve Chapter Capability for Flag Retirement Ceremonies (posted July 28, 2015)

One of the Boy Scouts has as his Eagle Scout Project the improvement of the Chapter's capability for supporting our periodic Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Noah Domikis, the Eagle Scout candidate is in Chapter member Dennis Dietz' troop 835 and has set up a Go Fund Me link where members might review what he is doing and possibly contribute to the success of his project. This project is in line with our Strateic Plan for support to our youth, in this case the Boy Scouts of America, as well as the improvement of our chapter grounds. Take a look at the linked description and objectives for this project!

Email Reminders  (posted July 28, 2015)

Are you receiving email from the Fred Rapp Chapter?  We send out at least 4 a month more or less.  If you are not receiving any and want to receive them go to the special feature in the Member Login area that helps you either manage your subscription or to subscribe if not or, if you have problems, send a note to and let me know that you want to be added to the list or you want to change your email address.  If anyone wants not to receive the email, there is a feature on the bottom of every email sent that allows you to request your name be unsubscribed.  You can also change your email address from a separate feature at the bottom of every email that is sent.  There are lots of ways to manage how you get your email reminders from the chapter.

Honey Processing Facility Update  (updated September 30, 2015)

Inside and outside painting and exterior siding is completed. Now there is a need for outfitting the building.  For anyone that is renovating a kitchen with new cabinets and appliances, this would be an ideal purpose for the old materials and appliances being replaced.  We need the donation of the following: 
  • Kitchen wall cabinets
  • Kitchen floor cabinets
  • Counter tops
  • Laundry sink
If anyone has any material to donate please call Jim Ashcraft at 540-972-2038.
Steel Targets Banned from Use at Fred Rapp Chapter Ranges (posted May 4, 2015) Effective immediately, steel targets are banned from use at the Chapter Ranges. All permits for approved targets are revoked. The Range Rules have been updated to reflect this decision by the Board of Directors at their meeting earlier this evening, May 4, 2015.

Contact List Revised and Updated (posted: September 30, 2015)

The Chapter "Contact Us" list has been revised and updated to include the terms of Chapter officers and directors and add new volunteers to assignments.  The names of the officers for the Chapter year 2015-2016 have been updated.  A vacant box remains and is awaiting someone to become a Newsletter Editor.  Wouldn't you want to include your name on the web site and provide the Chapter with important assistance?

Volunteer Sought for a Vacant Position (Help Wanted) (updated July 25, 2015)

The Newsletter Editor position is once again vacant.  A volunteer member is sought to work closely with the Officers and Board of the Chapter to collect and publish a quarterly Chapter newsletter that provides details and ilustrations and photos of key events and accomplishments of the Chapter.  The ediitor will also collect hotographs from the various events (or possibly serve as an additional photographer) and work with the Facebook and Web site media managers to communicate events for which the Chapter has played a key role.  Interested members should contact our President, Greg Raines for further information. Greg can be reached via e-mail at, by phone 540-287-2628, or in person.

Help Wanted with the Chapter Beekeeping Conservation Effort (posted: April 10, 2015)
Click on the Conservation tab for more information; no volunteer effort refused and no qualifications required.  Contact Jim Ashcroft using the information at the Contact Us page.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) Program (posted February 5, 2015)
Earlier today the Chapter distributed an email to members explaining the purpose of the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Program. At the February 5 Membership meeting Dick Barnett gave a briefing on the elements of the program and the need for volunteers.  The membership voted to encourage new members to volunteer for this program and for hours worked to be used towards the 20 hour service requirement.  There is an immediate need for volunteers to work several shifts at the upcoming Bass Pro Spring Classic event on February 14 and 15 at the Bass Pro Shop in Ashland (Richmond) VA. If you are interested click here to download a copy of the sign-up form to help you identify where you would like to serve. Contact Dick Barnett at cell/text 703-795-4290 or email to let him know your desire to sign up.