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Special Meeting Scheduled for the 317th year Anniversary Dog Mart Celebration Event! (posted July 29, 2015)

NEED VOLUNTEERS !  Members or Non Member Volunteers are eligible! 

We are coming down to the wire for our main event, the Fredericksburg Dog Mart, which is less than two months away.  As we have done in the recent past we are having a Special Dog Mart planning and progress meeting for ALL volunteers and both confirmed and prospective team lead coordinators (for team lead coordinator spots see paragraph below).
Plan for this important meeting on Saturday, work day, August 8th at 1 pm at the Chapterhouse. Suggest that volunteers sign up using VolunteerSpot at the Member Login area but this is not mandatory.  Just come to the meeting and be counted.

The 317th Fredericksburg Dog Mart Activities and Tasks "Gearing Up" (updated July 15, 2015)
The annual Dog Mart, one of the premier activities sponsored by our Chapter, is less than 3 months away on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  It means that much needs to be started in order that our special single day event is a success.  Darrell Schultz, the Dog Mart Manager has a number of positions that need people to volunteer and help share the workload.  This is a good way for new members with certain talents and connections to quickly work off their volunteer commitments.  The following coordinators are needed immediately to get the activity rolling:
  • Awards Coordinator:
    • Assess number/type of awards we currently have on hand and order additional items if needed
    • Obtain funds from the board and purchase the “Best in Show” Bowl
  • Children’s “Passport” Coordinator:
    • Gather materials (rulers, coloring books, erasers, stickers, etc…) for the children’s goodie bags, coordinate on filling bags.
    • Coordinate on other donations for the goodie bags
    • Determine the “Passport stations,” i.e. displays where the children should visit, so that these can be printed accordingly
    • Ensure number of stamps (actually hole punches) are available and coordinate with Girl/Boy Scouts to act as stampers
    • Determine and acquire what “prize” children will receive when they have the passport completed (in years past we offered large cookies from BJ’s/Costco)
  • Sign/Banner Coordinator
    • Coordinate the set up/take down of the signs and banners 1 week prior to the Dog Mart, removal after the Dog Mart
  • Donation/Raffle Coordinator
    • Solicit donations from various businesses/organizations within the area.
    • Conduct the raffle for the donated items.
  • Parking Coordinator
    • Coordinate with those volunteering to help the day of the Dog Mart with parking.
  • Announcer
    • Make various announcements during the Dog Mart.
  • Dog Show Registrars
    • Assign dogs based on breed to the appropriate “classes”
If you desire to volunteer for any of these positions be sure you contact Darrell and let him know which coordination task you will manage to make the 317th edition of the Fredericksburg Dog Mart a success.  His contact information is
Darrell Schultz tel. 540-786-3281
or you may access the newly added VolunteerSpot for the 317th Dog Mart in the Member Login area and volunteer for these and other newly created tasks.

Eagle Scout Project to Improve Chapter Capability for Flag Retirement Ceremonies (posted July 28, 2015)

One of the Boy Scouts has as his Eagle Scout Project the improvement of the Chapter's capability for supporting our periodic Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Noah Domikis, the Eagle Scout candidate is in Chapter member Dennis Dietz' troop 835 and has set up a Go Fund Me link where members might review what he is doing and possibly contribute to the success of his project. This project is in line with our Strateic Plan for support to our youth, in this case the Boy Scouts of America, as well as the improvement of our chapter grounds. Take a look at the linked description and objectives for this project!

Email Reminders  (posted July 28, 2015)

Are you receiving email from the Fred Rapp Chapter?  We send out at least 4 a month more or less.  If you are not receiving any and want to receive them go to the special feature in the Member Login area that helps you either manage your subscription or to subscribe if not or, if you have problems, send a note to and let me know that you want to be added to the list or you want to change your email address.  If anyone wants not to receive the email, there is a feature on the bottom of every email sent that allows you to request your name be unsubscribed.  You can also change your email address from a separate feature at the bottom of every email that is sent.  There are lots of ways to manage how you get your email reminders from the chapter.

See the Conservation page for a report on the Second Quarter Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up event   (posted July 25, 2015)

Next road-side clean-up event is September 5, 2015.

Hunting and Fishing Mentors  (posted July 25, 2015)

All IKEs, the response to our survey from our experienced hunters and fisher people within our chapter has been less than what is needed to continue planning for this program.  We will put this proposed program on the shelf for the foreseeable future. Thanks to those outdoor adventurists who volunteered their time and expertise.

Mike and Joe

Help Needed - Volunteer for Concert Parking Assistance (posted July 25, 2015)

Two concerts coming on July 28 and July 31.  Need volunteers to help out with parking automobiles at the venue.  Volunteer using VolunteerSpot inside the Member Login web page.

Events for the Week of July 26 (updated July 27, 2015)

  • Note that the previously scheduled Chapter Member's Family Picnic is postponed until a later date.  Watch the web site and calendar for a new date.
  • Tuesday, July 28, Heart Concert Parking Event, (see above).
  • Friday, July 31, Hank Willia,s. Jr. Concert Parking Event, (see above).
  • No other special events are presently planned however it is always prudent to check with the Chapter Calendar at the top of the menu at the left of this page for any last minute changes.

The Best of News From Pierre, South Dakota!  (Posted July 17, 2015) 

We have received three pieces of good news from the National Convention (per phone call from Herbert Pritchett this morning).
  1. Our Chapter was selected to host the National Convention again in 2018! The dates are July 17-20.
  2. Our Chapter received for this year a Grant for $5,000 for our Bee Conservation project.
  3. One of our Chapter members, Patty Nunn, was elected to the Endowment Board.
These achievements reflect how highly our Chapter is held in regard among its peers.  Hosting the national Convention is an honor and allows our Chapter to showcase its leadership in conservation and how we support the ideals of the Izaak Walton League.  Each year the national endowment fund of the League, which is managed by a separate corporation from the League, provides loans and grants for worthwhile projects submitted.  These annual grants are from the interest earned by the endowment and total less than $100 thousand nation-wide.  For our Chapter to be awarded $5000 is an achievement that reflects well on the conservation choices made by our board of directors.  Consequently, the grant allows greater flexibility for the Chapter to invest additional resources into our facility that might not heve been possible otherwise.  And finally, to have a member of our Chapter recognized for her capabilities and leadership by being elected to the nine member national Izaak Walton League's endowment board is an honor for the person and also reflects highly on our Chapter.  Congratulations to our president and vice president for leading us in these national level endeavors and congratulations to Patty Nunn for being recognized for her leadership and capabilities by her selection as a national endowment board director. Our representatives went with three major objectives of questionable chances of success and accomplished all three.  That is an incredible level of success.

Now, we all need to start thinking about ideas for the 2018 Convention with a goal to make it as good or better than the Convention we hosted in 2014..  It is not too soon.

New Feature (posted July 10, 2015 )

See the Member Login page for a newly added budget status report for the Chapter. The first one reported is for June  (First half of fiscal year).

Mark your calendar for a New Upcoming Event  (updated July 10, 2015 )

Virginia Trappers Association Regional Training Course for Trapping on October 3, 8 AM to 4 PM in the Darrell Ferrell Pavilion - 20 Trappers to attend. See further details at Upcoming Events.  Contact - Chapter Member Art Foltz -

Second of Four FRILS Events coming up  (posted July 25, 2015)

The second of four FRILS events is coming on Friday, August 14.  Michelle Chowaniec has scheduled a series of four events (shotgun, muzzleloader, rifle and handgun) to be available on a Friday in each of the months of July, August, September and October.  Visit the Lady Shooters page for additional details and the Member Login page for signups using VolunteerSpot.  The event in August will be for muzzle loaders.

On the Use of Biosolids (updated June 25, 2015) 

As discussed in several past membership meetings of the Chapter, the topic of the use of biosolids in Spotsylvania Country has been disussed publicly with the VA Dpeartment of Environmental Quality and the State Water Control Board.  The public meeting on May 7 was, in part, precipitated by a letter to the DEQ from the Board of Supervisors of Spotsylvania County. Six thousand acres of land area in the county are identified to be treated. We understand that the Board might be issuing a statement on this topic in the near future.  Also. an informational presentation on the topic of biosolids entitled "Biosolids and why we should care" has been prepared for members to educate themseleves on this topic.  Stay tuned for more on these developments.

June Membership Meeting Minutes have been Placed in the Member Login web page (posted July 5, 2015) 

Go here to read,  These were ratified at the July meeting.

Conservation Topic to be Presented at August Membership Meeting (posted June 12, 2015)

One of our members, Art Folz will address the membership at the August 6 Membership Meeting at 7 PM.  Art will tell us a little about trapping, how trapping serves as a conservation approach and the tools of the trade.  He might even share a recipe on how to prepare beaver stew if it is not a highly guarded family secret.  Mark the date on your calendar.

Chapter will Elect its Officers/Eligible Board Members for the Next Year at the August Membership Meeting (updated July 5, 2015)
The annual Chapter elections will be held on August 6 and the newly elected officials will be installed at the September 3 Membership Meeting.  A single ballot will be used with all candidates nominated by the election nominating committee listed for each position being filled.  At the August meeting candidates will be canvassed from the membership and may be nominated "from the floor" and will be written on the ballot before the election balloting.  Refer to the Contact Us list to see which positions are up for election as indicated by dates of term completion.

Adopt-A-Highway Schedule Set for Remainder of the Year  (updated June 15, 2015)

Bill Hudson, our new leader for the Adopt a Highway Program has announced the remaining schedule for the program which must be conducted four times per year.  The remaining two events for 2015 are scheduled for September 5 and Novemeber 7.  See the Conservation tab for details.

Guest Speaker (posted June 4, 2015)

Our membership meeting on the evening of June 4th was special. Our guest speaker was Chief Ranger, Visitor Experience, Lauri Schular from Lake Anna State Park. Ranger Schular spoke to us about Lake Anna State Park and other parks in the area and around Virginia. She informed us about programs and activities that are important to the parks and its customers. She was very informative and even brought a few creatures that were sure to keep our attention. A very nice little turtle and a corn snake made their appearance for all to see and touch. The group asked many questions and Ranger Schular answered them all with wit and candor. We thank Lauri and her assistant Mariya for sharing their time with all 60 of us and making sure we improved our educational awareness in the world of nature.  

No, that is not a bracelet on Ranger Schuler's left arm!
Ranger Lauri Schuler addresses the members of Fred-Rapp Chapter

Raven Clay Pigeon Thrower (posted May 25, 2015)

The Chapter installed a Raven Clay Pigeon Thrower on May 21 and it is ready for use.  It differs in operation from the previous model.  You can find instructions for the thrower by clicking here or by going to the Facilities page and scrolling down to near the end.

Honey Processing Facility Update  (updated June 4, 2015)

Inside and outside painting and exterior siding is completed. Now there is a need for outfitting the building.  For anyone that is renovating a kitchen with new cabinets and appliances, this would be an ideal purpose for the old materials and appliances being replaced.  We need the donation of the following: 
  • 110v AC unit
  • Kitchen wall cabinets
  • Kitchen floor cabinets
  • Counter tops
  • Med/small chest type freezer
  • Laundry sink
If anyone has any material to donate please call Jim Ashcraft at 540-972-2038.
Steel Targets Banned from Use at Fred Rapp Chapter Ranges (posted May 4, 2015) Effective immediately, steel targets are banned from use at the Chapter Ranges. All permits for approved targets are revoked. The Range Rules have been updated to reflect this decision by the Board of Directors at their meeting earlier this evening, May 4, 2015.

Contact List Revised and Updated (posted: April 10, 2015)

The Chapter "Contact Us" list has been revised and updated to include the terms of Chapter officers and directors and add new volunteers to assignments.  A vacant box remains and is awaiting someone to become a Newsletter Editor.  Wouldn't you want to include your name on the web site and provide the Chapter with important assistance?

Volunteer Sought for a Vacant Position (Help Wanted) (updated July 25, 2015)

The Newsletter Editor position is once again vacant.  A volunteer member is sought to work closely with the Officers and Board of the Chapter to collect and publish a quarterly Chapter newsletter that provides details and ilustrations and photos of key events and accomplishments of the Chapter.  The ediitor will also collect hotographs from the various events (or possibly serve as an additional photographer) and work with the Facebook and Web site media managers to communicate events for which the Chapter has played a key role.  Interested members should contact our President, Greg Raines for further information. Greg can be reached via e-mail at, by phone 540-287-2628, or in person.

Help Wanted with the Chapter Beekeeping Conservation Effort (posted: April 10, 2015)
Click on the Conservation tab for more information; no volunteer effort refused and no qualifications required.  Contact Jim Ashcroft using the information at the Contact Us page.

Chapter Requesting an Endowment Grant for Apiary Operations (posted April 1, 2015 with update July 25)

The 2015 IWLA Endowment Grant will be submitted for consideration on May 1st!  This multi-year grant provides IWLA conservation funds in support of the Chapter Sustainable Honey Bee Habitat (Apiary) and Honey Production Program (2014-2017). The Chapter investments and commitments regarding this grant are provided in the proposal.  The Board enthusiastically supports submission of this grant and has made it available for review in the secure section of the website.  Go to the Members only login page for the details concerning this grant request.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) Program (posted February 5, 2015)
Earlier today the Chapter distributed an email to members explaining the purpose of the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Program. At the February 5 Membership meeting Dick Barnett gave a briefing on the elements of the program and the need for volunteers.  The membership voted to encourage new members to volunteer for this program and for hours worked to be used towards the 20 hour service requirement.  There is an immediate need for volunteers to work several shifts at the upcoming Bass Pro Spring Classic event on February 14 and 15 at the Bass Pro Shop in Ashland (Richmond) VA. If you are interested click here to download a copy of the sign-up form to help you identify where you would like to serve. Contact Dick Barnett at cell/text 703-795-4290 or email to let him know your desire to sign up.

Attention Geocachers (Updated June 16, 2015)
The Chapter would like to hold a geocache search during the Family Picnic on TBA. However, we need help in planning and setting it up! A seasoned Geocacher is sought to help out with this planned event.; please contact Pat Aubert at