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Events for the week of March 18 and Our Next Chapter Work Day on April 7  (Updated March 18, 2018) 

  • Saturday, March 24, 8-11 AM, Project Healing Waters Meet at the Chapter house
Next Monthly Work Day, Saturday, April 7 
  • Saturday, Grounds Maintenance Tasks begin at 8:00 AM.  
  • Next Adopt-a-Highway pickup is scheduled.
  • Saturday, 9 am, Prospective Member Interviews and New Member Orientation at Chapterhouse 
  • Saturday, 9:30 AM to 12 noon, Next scheduled All-in-one Badge issue at the Chapterhouse for new members and those members that have never had a photo ID issued.
  • Firearms ranges closed until workday is complete.
No other events are presently planned however it is always prudent to check with the official Chapter Calendar for any last minute changes.

2018 Wild Game Dinner  (posted March 18, 2018)

The Chapter house was turned into a dining hall on March 17 for the 2018 Wild Game Dinner.  Members gathered to share an evening of comradery and shared food dishes.  With the pond being so low this year we were not able to share one of the favorites of recent years... beaver stew.  We did have a winderful dish of wild goose.  No, it was not one of the locals that populate the Chapter's pond.  Everyone filled their plates and most went back for more before sharing desserts.

Food table.Wild Game Participants

We Now Have a Work Van for Facility Maintainance Chores  (posted March 18, 2018)

Utikity van driver sideThanks to the efforts of one of our members, we have a vehicle that we can use for chores around the Chapter and to support our activities off-site. The Chevrolet E3500 van looks and runs like new and was donated to the Chapter by Dominion Electric.  The decals were added so that we can be visible in our community and project our image of Conservation and community service.  The van will become very useful in July when we need to transport cargo to the site of the National Convention we are hosting in Fredericksburg.

Utility van passenger side   

Special Collection of Protein Items for Deployed Service Members (posted March 1, 2018)

The Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg are collecting items for Care Packages being sent to deployed service members in June. IWLA members can support this effort by bringing individual serving sized portions of Beef Jerky, Slim Jims, or other protein items to the April, May and June Chapter Membership Meetings. For more information on the Care Packaging and other items being collected please contact IWLA Member and Blue Star Mother President, Nicole Pappas at bsmva4@gmail.com, or phone 540-755-0078.

Upcoming Events

See the Events page to learn about several events scheduled for ths month (posted February 24, 2018)

Lady Shooters Meet  (posted February 22, 2018)

See the Lady Shooters page.

National Convention Meeting Schedule (posted February 22, 2018)

As we get closer to the July National Convention, Herbert Pritchett has established a schedule of planning meetings to check status of progress towards our support tasks.  The next meeting is scheduled for 7 PM on March 13 at the Chapterhouse.  There are additional meetings scheduled for April 10, May 15,and June 12.  All meetings will convene at 7 PM at the Chapterhouse.

National Chapter Warns of Possible "SCAM" Email  (Posted February 6, 2018)

On February 5, the national headquarters of the Izaak Walton League issued a warning on their Facebook page about an email "scam"  being sent to League members. I re-posted the information on the Chapter Facebook page for any of our followers to see.  National HQ said the following:

"League members and leaders: If you receive an email claiming to be a "vital update" from the IWLA national headquarters, please delete it immediately. It is not from League staff or anyone associated with the League."  

At least one of our Chapter members has reported receiving a message meeting this description.  Delete the message without opening it or identify it as a SPAM message.

End of Year Budget Reconciliation (Posted February 5, 2018)

Members may view the end of year 2017 budget reconciliation report at the Members Only web page.

February draft Membership Meeting Minutes have been Posted for Review by Chapter Members  (posted February 5, 2018)

Go to the Member Login page to access and read the draft minutes for the recent membership meeting,  These will be offered for membership ratification at the next monthly  membership meeting.

Also note that last months minutes were read and ratified at the recent meeting and those minutes and many others are also found in the same Member Only web location.

Interested in the Status of our Apiary? (posted January 23, 2018)

Please head to our Conservation page where our lead beekeeper, Jim Mauck, explains what is happening in the Chapter apiary.

The Fourth Quarter Newsletter has been Published (posted January 10, 2018)

Find it on the News Web Page

New Members Inducted for January 2018New inductees January 2018

From left to right:  Arnel Armendral (Family), David Erndle (Regular), Chelsea Klatte (Family) and John Davison (Regular) (absent for photos was Marisha Lecea (Family))

A Panoramic Photo of the Pond Today, January 6, 2018

Needless to say there were no fly fisherman braving the single digit and felling lower due to the wind chill.  Ice is substantial so with warming weather next week it will still be a while before open water is seen again at the Chapter. Photo was taken from parking lot at Pistol Range 2.
Panorama Photo Of Walton Pond

Honey Still Available   (Updated January 27, 2018)

The apiary has produced an abundance of honey this season.  A total of 213 pounds of honey has been extracted from the hives as a result of the dedication and hard work of our apiary volunteer work force.  At the Membership meeting on Thursday evening there will be one pound bottles of honey available for Members.  A minimum donation of $10 is suggested to claim your bottle.  Please see Ralph Kinch to claim your honey. Are you looking for that perfect stocking stuffer?  Come to the Chapter on Thursday evening or Saturday and let one of the Chapter officers know you want some honey.

A Trout Catch from Our Recently Stocked Pond (posted November 17th, 2017)

 From more than one fishermen as there is a catch limit of three.Some trout from our ond

New List of Board Officers, Directors and Committees added to Member Login page  (posted November 14th, 2017)

An up-to-date list of Chapter points of contact has been posted to the Member Login page. 

  Amendment 1 to Chapter Bylaws Ratified by Membership and Posted in member Login (posted November 2, 2017)

Chapter Wins Efficiency Award  (See News)  (posted October 21, 2017)

Many Dog Mart Photos are posted at the Dog Mart Facebook Page 

If you have photos feelfree to post your own.  Also, feel free to tag any photos if you know the subject.

New Board members Installed for 2017-2018 Term (posted September 7, 2017)

At the September membership meeting the new officers and  Board members for the upcoming year were sworn in to their new positions.
New officers and borad members for 2017-2018

Left to right:  Barbara Pritchett, Secretary; Herbert Pritchett, President, Larry "Sandy" Stanford, Membership Director; Ralph Kinch, Treasurer; Joe Webb, Director; Darrell Schultz, Director; and Jim Rector, Director.  On the far right is Steve Kotowski who served as Parliamentarian  Absent from the photo was Terry Fellinger, Director.

Exchanging the Gavel

Herbert Pritchett, Incoming President presents Greg Raines, Outgoing President, with a token of appreciation from the chapter for the more than decade service that Greg has contributed to the Chapter as President.  Greg will continue as a member of the board as Past President

Presentation of Ceremonial Gavel.

Project Healing Waters Social Media Sites  (Posted August 3, 2017)

Members may learn more about Project Healing Waters by accessing the web sites at http://www.projecthealingwaters.org/programs/locations/virginia/   or the more detailed information on the Fredericksburg Facebook page of Project Healing Waters 

New Director for Conservation Activities  (posted July 9, 2017)

At the July membership meeting, Mike Cronrath was appointed as the new Conservation Director.  Mike is a newer IKE, who recently came to our Chapter from Project Healing Waters.  If you see Mike, please talk to him on what your environmental or conservation concerns are, or send him an email at mrcronrath@gmail.com.  See the Conservation tab for more details.

Archery Ranges (posted June 15, 2017)

Members are reminded that the Manahoac Bowmen organization operates an archery range which is inside the woods beyond the flag pole on the west side of the pond.  No IWLA member is allowed to use that range for archery purposes without the permission and guidance of the Manahoac Bowmen.  There is a series of ranges for use by IWLA members to the right of the Bowmen's building.  It is situated between the Shotgun Range and the Bowmen's building.  There are several shooting lanes of varying distance for targets primarily for arrows with field points.  Archers shall not be using broadhead arrow tips on any target not designed for their use.  If you are not familiar with this prohibition please reference the Chapter's range rules.  If you do not understand the basis for the requirement, do not shoot broadhead arrows without consulting someone in charge of the Manahoac Bowmen organization. Shooting broadhead arrows at targets meant for field points damages the targets severely. Broadhead arrows are razor sharp and designed to rip and tear flesh.  If shot into a target meant for field points they can easily break off and present a very severe hazard to anyone left with the task of repairing the targets.  Violators of this prohibition will be severely penalized.  Again, do not use broadhead arrows unless you know what you are doing.  The person or persons that shot these arrows into field targets obviously did not know what they were doing or were maliciously/willingly damaging property.  Please direct any questions about the archery ranges and range requirements to Eugene Slagle at eugeneslagle@gmail.com.  You can obtainin additional information about the bowmen organization at their web page.

Do You Plan to Host an Event at the Chapter?  (posted June 2, 2017)

The Chapter is an amazing asset if any member want to host an event on the premises.  If you have an intent to host a group, make sure you do some advance planning and contact the Chapter's Event Planner, Greg Raines.  Earlier in May, we updated the Chapter's House and Ground Rules and at the same time established a requirement for anyone desiring the use of the Chapter to access, download, read and complete the Request for Use of Chapter Premises.  This document outlines requirements for use, releases the Chapter from liability and assures the requester the full knowledge of the Chapter's expectations.  The document can always be found midway on the Facilities page.  Please submit your completed application to Greg Raines well in advance of the anticipated use so that you are assured of permission to use and no conflicts with other events.  Always look at the Chapter Calendar when planning.

Assured Access to Advanced Health Care Directives  (posted April 6, 2017)

At the April Chapter Membership Meeting, George Lear reported to the membership the existence of a service that the Commonwealth of Virginia provides to its citizens.  This service is a secure website that can be used to store important documents that protect your legal rights and ensure your medical wishes are honored if you are incapacitated and unable to manage your own care.  The database of Advance Directives at this website is held in a confidential and secure site, protected by the most up-to-date web and database security standards. All information submitted is used only by authorized individuals and kept completely confidential. If you are interested in learning more about this service you can obtain all the information and subscribe by linking here.

Member Login site -- Passcode changed (posted March 2, 2017)

Members are advised that the passcode for the Member Login site was changed in early March 2017.  If you try to login with the code you have been using in 2016 and cannot gain access you will know that the code has been changed.  Members that are on distribution for email from the Chapter received an email blast sometime on March 3.  If you are not on distribution for email, request you be added by either using the method located in Member Login.  If you miss this opportunity in the next few hours, send an email request to newsletter@iwlafred-rapp.org.  Be sure to include your name and the email address you want to receive your email. 

Save our Streams -- Do you know how to identify an aquatic macroinvertebrate?  (posted February 26, 2017)  

First, what exactly is an aquatic macroinvertibrate? Let's break down the term. "Aquatic" means water, "macro" means big (or big enough for us to see without using a microscope) and "invertebrate" means without a backbone. So an aquatic macroinvertebrate is a water bug that we can see with our naked eye. 
If you want to know more about the categories of identification here is a good place to start  Another good chart can also be used for ID.

Free Money for the Chapter (posted February 11, 2017)

If any of our members (or anyone else for that matter) shop using Amazon, it takes just a few adjustments of your account to have the Amazon company donate a percentage of the sale to the account of the Fred-Rapp Chapter at no cost to the member.  The percentage is small but just in the last quarter the Chapter has earned nearly $10 through this no cost feature of Amazon.  See our Donations tab for access to the steps to make this happen for the benefit of the Chapter. Or learn more about Amazon Smiles and how to use this feature by clicking here.

Lost and Found (reposted October 13, 2017)

Several items have been found at the Chapterhouse
  • A set of small keys
  • Eyeglasses  and case at the shot gun range a few weeks ago in January 2017
  • A down filled vest coat a few months ago at the Chapterhouse porch (December 2016)
  • A pair of Foster Grant reading glasses left November 14 maybe during the Project Healing Waters Benefit event
  • A very nice electronic camera found at the Chapter several years ago.
  • A pink, black, and blue woman's scarf left in Chapterhouse on December 5, 2015
  • A dog battery operated training collar (at Dog Mart 2017)
Send an email to newsletter@iwlafred-rapp.org describing your lost item and we will figure out a good time to get the item back to its proper owner.

Our Fish at the Chapter Pond are being Tagged and Tracked (posted September 1, 2016)

Our Chapter Pond manager, Joe Webb, has started a fish tagging program at the pond at the Chapter grounds.  So far about 25 fish have been caught, tagged and released.  This program will help to assess the health of our fishery.  If you fish at the pond and catch one with a tag on the left side of the dorsal fin make sure you take note of the tag number.  You can go to the fish tagging website to see the history of the fish and add your own notations: Go to the main web site front page at www.fishtagger.com. Key in the full Tag ID printed on the tag and click Go. You will now be brought to a web page displaying the tag's history. Please add your new catch information here by clicking Add. You will be asked for information regarding your catch such as angler name/e-mail, fish type, weight, length, location caught, date caught, and any comments. You should print out and take a Fish Tag Log Sheet with you when fishing in order to record this information for entering into the computer after fishing. Please also send Joe an email to let him know you had caught and reported a fish that has been tagged.  Joe also announced that in partnership with the Chapter's Project Healing Waters Fly Fisherman Program the pond will again be stocked with rainbow trout this year.  This stocking will be done after the temperatures of the pond water have dropped to a safe level for survival of the species.

Problems Receiving Chapter Email?  Do you use Gmail? (posted May 6, 2016)

If you are having trouble receiving Chapter emails and you are using gmail as your email delivery application, the mail might be located in a tab called Promotions. In gmail, your email typically is received in the Primary tab (known more commonly as the inbox).  Gmail has other tabs located next to the Primary tab and one of those is Promotions.  Look there and see what you can find.  If you want to know more about the delivery of mail from the email distribution tool we use (MailChimp) read this knowledge article:

As it turns out, if Chapter email is being delivered to the Promotions tab, you can correct this tendency by simply moving your Chapter originated email from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab and it will learn that you want future email delivered there  Further instruction about moving email messages can be obtained here: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/3055016?hl=en&ref_topic=3394594