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Upcoming Events Web Site Page Completely Revised (posted December 15, 2014)
The Upcoming Events page has been revised to reflect known and tentative events for the new Chapter Events year. As events are added to the schedule the page will be revised and corrected to reflect changes as these develop.

Membership Web Site Page Completely Revised (posted December 08, 2014)
As a consequence of the adoption of the new bylaws and operational policies, the process for the induction of new members to the Chapter has been modified.  Accordingly, the "Membership" web page (to go to it click on "Membership" in the green banner above this paragraph) and the application for membership (obtained by using a link in the membership page) have each been modified to reflect the new membership process.  The first time the new process will be used will be for induction of new members at the February 2015 Membership Meeting.  New prospects will need to meet with the Membership Committee on the Saturday work day in January 2015.

One Fewer Volunteer Sought for Vacant Positions (Help Wanted) (updated December 11, 2014)
Newsletter Editor Search Update:The newsletter editor position from the Chapter's communication team that was vacant for several months has now been filled. Welcome new member Jill Farrell to the position of Newsletter editor.  More information on this is forthcoming along with renewed  efforts on the newsletter. Stay tuned.
Facebook communications manager:  Amy Weidle, who has been serving the chapter as manager of the postings on the Chapter's Facbook page is stepping down as the manager of Facebook postings. The leadership very much appreciates the job that Amy has done for the Chapter and wishes her luck as she continues her membership in the Chapter. Of course this means that a new person was being sought to take on this task and as member of the communications team... and we are happy to announce that Dave Riddle has accpted the challenge and is now the curator for the Fred-Rapp IWLA Chapter Facebook page.   Welcome Dave!
Conservation Chair: (Still vacant) The Chapter continues seeking a replacement member for the current Chair, Mike Sullivan, who is stepping down at the end of the month after 5 years of service.  The Chair serves as the lead person for a number of conservation oriented activities including roadside trash collection 4 times a year under the Adopt-A-Highway Program, tree planting in various locations in the area, and securing a slate of speakers for addressing the group at several  monthly membership Meetings on topics aligned with resource conservation.  Mike says he will continue to help with all of these activities as a member and will assure the new person is given a thourough orientation when they take over the various tasks. Interested members should contact our President, Greg Raines for further information. Greg can be reached via e-mail at, by phone 540-287-2628, or in person.

ZEBCO Family Fishing Program 2014 (Posted: December 5, 2014) The 2014 partnership that ZEBCO has with the Izaak Walton League promotes the joy of fishing as a  family pastime.  Although the fishing season is not too pleasant at this point in the year there is time left to order some equipment for the kids for holiday gift giving and those early outings next spring.  See the linked ZEBCO flyer explaining the program and order from this form. {click on the blue colored words to open the associated file}. Hurry, this promotion does expire at the end of this month.  These prices cannot be beat an you do not have to fight for a parking place at the local department store..  Note: The IWLA does not benefit monetarily from the sale of this equipment; it is a ZEBCO contribution to family life and the Fred Rapp Chapter is proud to be a partner.

REMINDER! Range Hours of Operation (Posted December 4, 2014)
Note: We are now in Eastern Standard Time.
Some members continue to use the ranges outside the authorized hours for operation in violation of the Range rules. On September 15, 2014, the new hours of operation for the firearms ranges were changed: Daylight Saving Time (DST) 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM, Monday thru Saturday. Eastern Standard Time (EST): 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday thru Saturday.  Workday Saturday hours will be determined on a workday basis and ranges will open only after work tasks are complete. Sunday hours will be: 12:00 PM (noon) until 7:00 PM, (DST); and Sunday hours during EST are 12:00 PM (noon) until 4:00 PM.  These hours are posted on the metal signs at each range; take a moment the next time you visit to refresh your understanding of the range rules.  Violations will be subject to disciplinary action.

The Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Range Rules have been updated to reflect these new hours.

Bylaws and Operational Policies are Now Available for Reading  (Posted: December 2, 2014) The Chapter Bylaws and Operational Procedures were approved at the Novemeber Membership Meeting by a "show of hands" vote of the membership. The documents can now be read on the Member Login page (click on Member Login at the left side of this page to access the page and the Chapter Documents).  These documents apply to all members immediately. Those members that have not yet paid their dues should pay close attention to the penalties associated with delinquent payment as these have changed dramatically.  In addition, if anyone desires to sponsor a new member please read the new process for member induction as there is a new step which requires the prospective member to meet with the Membership Committee before presenting themselves for Chapter approval. This process will start in January 2015.

Events for the Weeks Remaining in 2014 (updated December 7, 2014)
  • If you intend to renew your membership, dig out that renewal form and get it in to the membership Chairman by the end of the month or invite a penalty fee.
  • No other special events are presently planned however it is always prudent to check with the Chapter Calendar at the top of the menu at the left of this page for any last minute changes.

Membership Renewals for 2015 Have Been Sent to Members and are Due at the End of December (Updated December 5, 2014)
Act now to avoid a penalty fee!

Dues Statements for 2015 were mailed to all members several months ago. You should take note of the contents carefully for several reasons:

First, starting immediately there will be a shorter grace period for getting your 2015 dues paid.  Dues payments are due by the end of December. It is critical that you get your payment to the Membership Chairman by December 31st, or a $20 late payment fee is added to the dues total. If that increased dues plus fee is not paid in full by the end of January, on February 1 the member will be expelled automatically and, to be reinstated, will need to pay an initiation fee of $300.  See the Membership web page (click on Membership tab in the header located at the top of this page) for details that are derived directly from the newly approved Chapter Bylaws and Operational Policies.

Also, if you and your spouse intend to shoot at the ranges complete the slip of paper "Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Chapter IWLA 2015 Shooter's Fee" by entering your name(s) and,  If you are between the age of 18 and 65 please add $10 each to the amount you are assessed for membership based on membership type. Separate the pink "Membership Statement for Year Ending 12/31/2015" and affix the address label on an envelope.  Enclose the pink card, the completed slip of paper registering as a shooter, and a check payable to either "IWLA" or "Fred-Rapp IWLA" for the total of your membership and any applicable shooter's fee(s) inside the envelope.  Place a stamp on the envelope and return all by December 31, 2014. Retain the blue copy of the statement for your records.

Finally, some members have apparently sent their renewals to the National organization in Gaithersburg, MD. This delays your renewal  as National waits until theyhave received a handful of renewals sent to them in error, then put them into an envelope and mail them back to our local Membership Chair. Please place the peel off label on the pink (left) half of your renewal card on your envelope to send the renewal to Larry Stanford. Using the peel off label makes sure the envelope is sent to the proper address. and your membership is processed sooner.

UPDATE as of December 5 -- Less than 4 weeks remain to renew membership without penalty!

Meeting Minutes for November Membership Meeting (posted November 17, 2014)
Click on the "Member Login" tab to access the member's only area and to read the November 6 Meeting minutes.
Message to all IKEs from Mike Sullivan (posted November 16, 2014)
Click on the "Conservation" tab on the "menu" list at the left side of this page to read a personal message from our Conservation Chairman, Mike Sullivan.

News on Flag Ceremony (posted November 11, 2014)
Click on the "News" item in the header above to read more about Saturday's Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Chapter Email Subscription Form Now Available (updated November 30, 2014)
Several times a month the Chapter distributes an email (called Reminders) to members on the distribution list. The last one  addressed the Wreath Making Party to be held on Sunday, December 7. If you did not receive that email you might not be included on the distribution list or might have been removed in error (it happens). If you want to be included, go to the Member Login area (click on menu item "Member Login" located on the left side of this page) and follow instructions on the new subscription enrollment form to automatically enroll in future distributions. If you have any difficulty send an email to to request assistance. This is a great way to add a second member of the family membership (a significant other) to the distribution of the Reminders.
Facilities Web Page Revised (Posted: October 24, 2014)
The facilities web page has several new entries related to the speed limit on the facility, emergency response procedures and the existence of the bee hives (apiary) (and its attendent hazard to some).  Note also or review again the requirements established this year for wearing the Shooter's Badge when using the firearms ranges, the need to register guests when using the firearm's ranges and the installation of the new automatic gate with security keypad entry.  Also, for your information when using the firearms ranges is a file link to a new version of the paper insert containing the key safety rules when shooting and on the reverse side, emergency procedures if injured at the site.  This paper insert is designed to fold and carry with your IWLA membership card and Shooter's Badge.  Every member should download/print a copy for their wallet or badge holder if only for the emergency procedures it conveys.
The 2015 Coupon Book makes a Great Holiday Gift (updated: December 6, 2014)
We still have copies of the 2015 ATTRACTIONS coupon book and will be selling these again as part of our Chapter fund raising efforts. Get your book at our next Chapter Membership Meeting and other Chapter Events... just $25.00.  This book, known officially as the "ATTRACTIONS - Dining and Value Guide for Fredericksburg" contains many coupons offering "Buy One Get One" opportunities. The use of these coupons will recoup the cost of this book with only 2-3 uses at popular local restaurants, events and attractions.  Even better, if you buy a book now the coupons are available for use immediately and will not expire until the end of December 2015! These will sell fast so get one soon.  There are no more when these are sold out! To get yours, contact either Greg Raines, (540) 287-2628 or email: or Jimmy Miles,  (540) 220-0706. Just ask either of us when you see us and we will get one for YOU! Consider buying extras as it is not too soon to think about giving these as Holiday gifts.
Qualified Beekeepers Still Wanted (updated: August 10, 2014)
Click on Conservation tab for more information if you can help.
The Chapter Calendar is always available online. (updated: November 30, 2014)  You can find the calendar under a  menu item called "Chapter Calendar" on the left.  When you click on this menu tab the calendar will open in a separate window. The calendar is the authoritative source for the Chapter's scheduled events and it has been updated with all known events for 2014.  New events for 2015 are being added. Check it periodically as the events can change without notice.